God’s mercy has compassion for human infirmity
and vanquishes the hypocrisy of the Pharisees

March 24th, 2020


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Let us remain united in prayer and brotherhood, preparing from now for the liturgical feast of the Annunciation that we will live tomorrow at the Shrine of Divine Mercy, celebrating the moment when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary Most Holy, announcing Her the birth of the Saviour.

And so, even today, we prepare to live this intense moment of spirituality by entrusting ourselves to St Joseph, the Patron Saint of the Universal Church, the Patron Saint of the domestic Church, of every family, the Guardian of the family that we want to live in these times so it may once again become the centre of the daily life of everyone. St Joseph guards us and continues to accompany us in this time of Lent, in which humanity is suffering because of this great trial, the ‘Coronavirus‘, which is causing suffering in so many hearts. To all I say: “Do not let yourselves be caught up by discouragement, anguish, despondency. Love conquers all trials; the love for prayer and the brotherhood help us in our daily lives”.

Let us take example from the Holy Guardian Joseph, from the infinite love of this humble son of God. As Jesus tells us in His revelation to Maria Giuseppina Norcia: Joseph’s love, his loving care, helped the Child Jesus to grow strong in faith, enabling him to grow as a true Man, so that He could then manifest Himself as true God. Now we too are called to manifest ourselves as true men and true women, so that we may then manifest ourselves as true Christians, encouraging one another, spurring one another, to raise our eyes to Heaven and to live already from now in the grace of God, united every day in the communion of heart, of soul and spirit with Jesus, the Living Bread descended from Heaven.

The sick, the suffering, the lonely and abandoned ones are to be helped, encouraged and not despised. I think of all those who are in suffering, in trial, in sickness: these must be helped, just as Jesus helped that poor paralytic who laid beside the pool of Betzaeda at that time. His infirmity was total; in 38 years no one had helped that man, no one had had compassion on him, the hypocritical Pharisees were busy doing something else, no one took care of that poor man. Only Jesus bent down over him to help him. The man did not complain, he just stayed humbly before the Lord, well knowing the arrogance of the priests of the temple. Jesus was not like them, Jesus did not judge him or worse mock him, scorn or insult him, saying that man was prey to sloth, to melancholy or sadness. No! Jesus loved him by healing the wounds of his body first and then making him understand that the greater care must be paid to the soul.

Here is the merciful Jesus.

Here is the divine mercy that bends over the sick ones.

Here is the divine mercy that doesn’t despise who suffers. Here is the contempt of the Pharisees of yesterday and the Pharisees of today who, from the height of their own arrogance, despise the sick, while wanting to appear holy, making believe they care for the poor and the last, but in reality being animated by unholy and unchristian sentiments of contempt not of mercy. Here is the difference that there was and there is between Jesus and the true Christians on one side, and the hypocritical Pharisees of yesterday and today, on the other, those who do not care about the lives of the last ones but only yearn to be first, to be idolised, becoming themselves idols. The Spirit of God destroys all idols and all idolatry.

Here is the new breeze that blows from this Land of Love, where the Child Jesus came down from Heaven to bend down over the last, the little, the weak ones, and to unmask the proud, the idolaters, those animated by unholy sentiments.

Take heart, brothers, never will Jesus abandon you; never will this Church abandon you. Jesus is and will always be ready to stoop over the miseries of those who seek Him with a sincere heart, to help those who entrust themselves to Him with their whole heart. The Lord does not despise the suffering, the sick ones, just as He didn’t despise that poor paralytic man lying beside that pool. This is the true story of God. This is what is told in the Gospel of John, who recounted the true story of Jesus that cannot be now distorted or changed by anyone.

Have courage! Be animated by the same courage of St Joseph, the guardian of the authentic Christianity, he who defended the True Doctrine, which is Christ, from the repeated attacks of those who would have wanted the little Jesus to die even then. Let us invoke St Joseph and nothing will be lacking; let us entrust ourselves to his intercession and to the motherly intercession of Mary Most Holy, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, so that we may invoke even today the blessing of the Child Jesus upon us, upon the sick, the last, the poor, the suffering in soul and body, and upon all the peacemakers, upon all those who even today, at the end of this day, have offered their lives for the love of their brothers and sisters.

May the living Blessing of the Divine Child descend abundantly upon us, that He may grant us His peace, His serenity and His love.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.