John Paul II and the New Covenant
restored in the Universal Christian Church

April 2nd, 2020
Meditation of the Day by Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

On this day, 2 April, in a particular way we remember Pope John Paul II, who on this same day, 15 years ago, was called by the Father to ascend to Heaven.

Many remember Pope John Paul II as he who remained faithful to God, striving to persevere in his mandate to the end, never failing; despite the attempt on his life; despite his physical illness; despite the many attempts on his spirit by those who tried, in every way, to hinder and to attack him, especially from the inside. Especially when, in the last years of his pontificate, many tried to dissuade him. But this man, strong in spirit, filled with love for Mary Most Holy, consecrated himself to Her – we all remember his motto: “Totus Tuus(I’m all yours) – and kept his gaze alive on Christ and on Mary, helping by his example so many Christians to remain faithful, to remain in Covenant with God.

John Paul II did not betray the Covenant with Jesus; he remained faithful. God makes His covenant with His people as long as the people and their leadership remain faithful to Him. This is the condition God gave to Abraham at the time of the first Covenant, as written in the Book of Genesis. Abraham remained faithful but then the people and the leaders of that people, progressively betrayed that Covenant, even to the point of killing Jesus, the Son of God.

This has happened again now for the leaders of the Christian people have betrayed the New Covenant laid down by the Father, denying the teachings of Jesus and going so far as to betray the Holy Spirit descended from Heaven into this Land of Love, having therefore preferred to worship other idols and no longer to adore and worship exclusively the One and Triune God; going so far as to teach new doctrines, going so far as to teach that all are equally sons of God and not only those who are baptised in the Name of Jesus through Baptism.

Baptism is a Sacrament, the first Sacrament that marks the beginning of life for all Christians, for those who want to become sons in Jesus. Baptism is not just a paper, as others have said, even today, and falsely continue to teach. This is not true! Baptism is the Sacrament that gives life in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, through which we become sons of God, in Jesus Christ.

Those who are not baptised in the Name of Jesus do not become sons but remain creatures of God. The difference is essential and substantial. In order to remain in communion with Jesus and to take part in His Eucharistic Mystery, in His Mystery of Salvation, everyone is called to become a son in Christ through Baptism. Those who teach other doctrines are not of God; for they do not acknowledge the one Spirit that comes from the Father and the Son; they no longer acknowledge Jesus as the only Way that the Father has given us to reach Salvation. In so doing, they are betraying, they have betrayed the Covenant of the Father and are no longer in communion with His Heart.

This is what has happened, even today, under the hands of the leadership of a house that once was but now no longer is; a house that has once again betrayed the Covenant. But this is not the teaching of John Paul II who remained faithful to Jesus. And this is not the teaching of Benedict XVI, John Paul II’s successor, a faithful friend of the Polish Pope.

After them, everything has inexorably collapsed. The new made Covenant has been betrayed. The house that should have remained faithful to God, has broken that New Covenant by denying the Holy Spirit in order to worship another spirit, other spirits, other idols that have been brought in procession, even recently, inside the most important Basilica of that house. Here is this Church that intends to continue the path of the Friends of Jesus: the Apostles, the Saints and the Martyrs and all the true successors of Peter. This is the Church that recognises the work of John Paul II and that recognises the work of his successor, Benedict XVI. After them, the Covenant between God the Father Almighty and the leaders of that house has been broken, and the Father has therefore wanted to build this Church to keep alive and renew the New Covenant, in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, founding and rebuilding it again.

Here is the Child Jesus descended from Heaven to rebuild the New Covenant by making a new covenant pact with this House, with this Christian and Universal Church of the New Jerusalem. Here is that the Scriptures are fulfilled.

John Paul II lived to remain faithful to Christ and to Mary, and therefore this Church commemorates him today and wants to do homage to him, so that this Pontiff, who remained faithful to Christ and to Mary, may help us all from Heaven, in the living communion, preserving the true Doctrine, Christ and His authentic teachings.

In communion with the heart of this Pontiff, may Jesus bless us in a special way, together with His Mother.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.