The embrace of love, from heart to heart,
between Saint Mesia and the Maiden of God

May 20th, 2020


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear faithful, our hearts are overflowing with live joy for these days of celebration that we are living together.

This 13 May, we have meditated on the spiritual encounter between Maria Giuseppina Norcia and St. Mesia, the Roman Martyr who lived at the time of the persecution of the early Christians and who appeared to the Maiden of God on that day of May to prepare Her for the encounter She would have had on 15 May with Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Michael the Archangel: on that 15 May, Maria Giuseppina proclaimed Her “Yes”, an eternal and unconditional “Yes” to Jesus, to help Jesus in the Mission of Salvation that Heaven has entrusted to this Maiden.

As He had promised, Jesus returned to Maria Giuseppina on 19 May, together with Mary Most Holy and St. Mesia, to heal Her from the incurable illness diagnosed to the Maiden of God; and on that occasion, Jesus, assisted by St. Mesia and Mary Most Holy, operated Her and healed Her, saying to Her: “See, nothing is difficult for Me: anyone who asks will receive; anyone who loves will be loved”.

Those Heavenly words were engraved in the Heart of the Maiden of God, just as they are engraved in our hearts and bring us to meditate even more on the infinite trust we must have in Jesus and in Mary Most Holy. Jesus the Redeemer can do everything. Mary the Coredemptrix can do everything. This is our confidence and our living faith.

Today, 20 May, there is another spiritual anniversary concerning the life of the Maiden of God and, once again, of St. Mesia. Indeed, on that 20 May 1974, the Maiden of God met St Mesia again, in a living and holy fraternal embrace through the union of their two Hearts that, in that encounter, started to beat in unison. This encounter took place in the Church of the Castle in Alvito (Italy), where Maria Giuseppina Norcia went together with Her daughter Anna, on that 20 May, to join Saint Mesia who, coming out of the urn, manifested herself, going to meet Maria Giuseppina and embracing Her in an eternal embrace of infinite Love.

Great was the joy of the Maiden of God in experiencing such an unforgettable occasion that bound Her intimately to St. Mesia, from Heart to Heart, throughout Her whole life. Vivid is the gratitude that the Maiden of God has wanted to express towards this Saint for having accompanied Her during all that week so decisive for Her Mission of Salvation and for Her own life; from the spiritual encounter on 13 May until that meeting on 20 May, the day of the embrace and of the union of their two Hearts.

On this day, we give thanks to St. Mesia and we remember Her in a special way for Her intimate union with the Maiden of God, for having accompanied, helped and prepared Her for that encounter, for which we thank, we prostrate ourselves adoringly, thanking the Lord for having called the Maiden of God and we bow down before this great Woman who, by Her ‘Yes’ proclaimed to the One and Triune God, gave new hope of Salvation to Christianity and to all humanity.

On this day, from the depths of our hearts, we wish to live remembering those moments in order to interiorise them, to meditate on them and to make them be the core of our life, so that we too, on the example of the Maiden of God, may become more and more docile to the Will of Heaven so to embrace that Will and bring it to complete fulfilment, just as She did.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.