The martyrdom of saint Padre Pio
was unable to restore that house already in ruins

September 23rd, 2020


In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear faithful, on this day we commemorate and honour Padre Pio, a great Saint of Christianity. A great Martyr who witnessed with his own life, his love for Jesus, the only Saviour of the world. By his martyrdom, Padre Pio drew many people towards the faith in Christ, by means of his offering and suffering because of the wickedness of many who, instead of being his brothers, struck him from behind repeatedly with false and slanderous accusations. But Padre Pio, as a true soldier of Christ, fought what is evil without ever withdrawing but always advancing for the triumph of the Truth, which is Christ the Lord; foretelling the hard and difficult times that humanity would have to undergo.

Padre Pio was the servant whom God sent into His Vineyard so that the administrators of that Vineyard might return to God, reversing the course, in order to return to do the Father’s will and to welcome the Son back into their hearts. But hell prevailed in the hearts of those administrators who stifled the action of the humble Messenger of God called to restore that house from the inside. So evil entered ever more swiftly inside those walls and especially inside the hearts of those men who once again and definitively discarded Christ, the Cornerstone, to worship the one fought by Padre Pio until the end of his life.

The true sons of Christ love the humble friar, a true son of Saint Francis, the one who at that time succeeded in restoring from the inside that house that was in ruins. Saint Padre Pio was not able to do what Saint Francis succeeded to do, not because of his incapacity but because of the obstinate will of those men in doing what was evil. Those men did not want to listen to his voice, did not want to appreciate his martyrdom and did not want to welcome the fruits of that martyrdom.

This is the devotion of the sons of this Mother Church to Padre Pio, a Holy, strong, humble and courageous man, an authentic Christian, who witnessed up to the end, the Truth that is Christ the Lord, denouncing sin aloud without ambiguity; that sin that had entered the hearts of many men, even of many powerful men.

Here is the action of this humble friar, who, like Saint John the Baptist did at the time of Jesus, preached a Gospel of conversion, preparing the way for the Lord. In the meantime, the Lord had already begun the itinerary of His return, descending from Heaven to this Land of Love to dwell in the pure Heart of a humble Maiden, a Maiden found Faithful to the Father, in the awaiting to reveal Himself, at the time established by the Father, to many men and women whom the Holy Spirit throughout time had brought to the Land of Love, to the New Jerusalem, awaited and preannounced by the Holy Scriptures.

Here now is this Church wanted by the Father to bring His will to fulfilment, in order to overcome the evil that can never prevail over the Church of Christ. A Church that is now mistreated, attacked and denigrated by many who can no longer stand God, by many who no longer accept the clear and forthright speech taught by Jesus and embodied by Padre Pio, and by many who can no longer bear that the Truth of Jesus is again announced and proclaimed without compromise.

This is the example of Padre Pio, the humble Messenger of God.

Those who love God are ready to bear witness to their faith, whatever the cost. Those who love God are not afraid to give their very self for the sake of Christ, the only Supreme Good, the Way, the Truth and Life, given to us by the Father. Those who love their life in this world will lose it. Those who give their lives for love of the Lord and their brothers and sisters will preserve it and will receive it new again for eternity.

This is the timeless and eternal teaching of Jesus that Padre Pio embodied to perfection, and that we today, on his example, stronger than before, proclaim anew, wanting to remain united in prayer and fraternal union, in the certainty that by remaining united with Christ and Mary, evil will be vanquished for eternity.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.