The trinitarian action of the Archangels
Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

September 29th, 2020
Feast of of the Archangels
Michael, Gabriel and Raphael


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Great is the living and overflowing joy we experience today. Great is the Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. A living feast that unites Heaven and earth. A throbbing feast that makes the heart pound. A continuous feast just as continuous is the action of the three Archangels who guide, announce and defend God’s people on their journey.

On 2 October 1983, in a Revelation received on the Feast of the Guardian Angels, Maria Giuseppina Norcia saw the three Archangels descending from Heaven: the Archangel Michael, the Defender; the Archangel Gabriel, the Announcer and the Archangel Raphael, the Guide. In this threefold mission of the Archangels, we understand once again the centrality of the Mystery of Trinity: the Mystery that is at the centre of the thought and the action of the Father that manifests Itself through the work of the Holy Spirit, in the Son, the Way, the Truth and Life.

The action of Raphael, the guide, reminds us of the action of He who is the Way, who leads God’s people to Salvation.

The action of Gabriel, the herald, announces the will of God and leads us to the action of He who proclaims the absolute Truth that can never be relative.

The action of Michael, the Defender, leads us to the action of He who leads the sons of God to victory over the evil one and over all that is evil, for the conquest of eternal Life.

The devotion and prayer of the sons of God to the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael must always be alive. The union of our hearts to their hearts must always be alive, so that each of us may embody their virtues and imitate their Trinitarian action; so that everyone may live in communion with the heart of the Son, in Mary, with Mary and for Mary, and thus come to dwell permanently in the living and beating Heart of the Father, who surrounds and protects His sons with His warmth and His love, and in times of trial, with even greater might, will clasps them tightly to infuse the hearts of each son with His strength, His presence, His constant protection and watchfulness.

Never will the Father abandon His sons. Never will the Father allow the weight of the everyday life to crush His sons. The Father loves the Son. The Father loves His sons, and, through His Love, the Son and the sons will fight the good fight to defeat evil and iniquity, just as Michael, the warrior-defender, does and will increasingly do, as well as Jesus, the Son, He who saves in this living union of Heaven and earth, continues to do.

In these times, the Archangel Michael is the protagonist of the living battle that is taking place between good and evil. Good will never succumb against evil. The Son and the sons of God will never be vanquished. They are the winners, not the losers! Evil understands that the time is expiring, but above all it understands the ticking of time. This is why evil and all its minions try breathlessly to move forward, but Michael’s action is alive and truthful and with his sword he cuts and will cut through every lie, he cuts and will cut every iniquity to free the few remnant people of Israel so that this little remnant may soon join those who still love Jesus and Mary.

Those who are loyal, live with lucidity and serenity, despite the daily attention they must have. Those who live in frenzy, in haughtiness, in pride and are animated by unholy sentiments, lose lucidity and realise that the air becomes heavy and the oxygen begins to lack.

In Mary, with Mary and for Mary, the Coredemptrix and Queen of Heaven and Earth, everything will be brought to completion. Mary leads the Angels and the Archangels who, obediently and reverently, prostrate to Her and with courage are ready to carry out Her every command in order to rush in defence of all God’s sons.

Let us entrust ourselves to Mary and nothing will be lacking. Let us invoke Michael, the Defender, to achieve the victory of Life. Let us listen to Gabriel, the announcer, to remain anchored in the only Truth that saves and let us follow Raphael, the guide, to remain on the only Way that leads to Salvation, Christ, Way, Truth and Life, so as to remain grafted like branches into the one and only essential Vine that is Christ, and grafted into the Father’s Heart, in Mary, with Mary and for Mary, to thus achieve the victory, all together, united in prayer and brotherhood.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.