The virtue of Faithfulness

July 4th, 2020
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Today I want to meditate, with you, on the virtue of Faithfulness: the virtue that, in these last times of God’s history, has characterised and characterises the Maiden of God and characterises the sons of the New Jerusalem.

Faithfulness is loyal and never betrays its Lord. It never betrays the sons whom the Lord has entrusted, entrusts and will entrust to it. In Faithfulness, God’s sons find shelter and comfort, refuge and support. Faithfulness is beautiful! Faithfulness is pure! Faithfulness is Holy! The infinite purity cloaks Faithfulness in its entirety, enveloping it and inebriating it with the Holy fragrance of God. Faithfulness is humble, it covers everything and excuses everything. Faithfulness loves the sons faithful to God and, as a Good and Tender Mother, it cares and comforts them. Faithfulness understands. Faithfulness listens. Faithfulness loves in fullness, unconditionally and doesn’t keep anything for itself, bestowing its sweet Balm that alleviates every affliction and suffering and heals every wound. Faithfulness embraces the heart, the soul and the spirit. Faithfulness has no deception.

The pure and unblemished heart rejoices in Faithfulness and rejects all insidious and unholy thoughts. The soul that remains faithful to its Lord will never be stained. The spirit faithful to God, remains light and will never be burdened by all that is worldly, helping the mind to stay focused on all that belongs to God, removing every anguish, every distraction, in order to love God and every neighbour with all its might.

Faithfulness is Veracious. Faithfulness loves the Truth and despises the falsehood. Loyalty is Good; it drives away all wickedness and evil. In Faithfulness there is Strength, Sweetness, Humility and Simplicity. Faithfulness is life and those who remain faithful to God will never experience death but will live eternally. Those who are faithful are obedient, pure and humble and those who are obedient and loyal will never betray. The enemy of God can do nothing against those who live, with faith, heart and strong will, to be faithful to God. No temptation can dent the heart, the soul and the spirit of those who live to be in communion with Jesus, the Living Bread descended from Heaven, who in the New Jerusalem has established His Dwelling Place and welcomes in the Land of Love every son who wants to be faithful to the will of God the Father Almighty, preferring to die rather than betray.

The Maiden of God is She whom Jesus has described as being the synthesis of the ancient Prophets and all the ancient Patriarchs; is She who loved Him as His Mother loved Him; is She who embodies all the virtues of Mary, the Faithful Bride, She who welcomed and contained, by the Grace bestowed on Her by the Father, the infinite Love who is God, guarding and preserving Him from all snares, so that Her Son Jesus might lead all to Salvation.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.