The virtue of Humbleness

June 29th, 2020
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Today I want to talk to you about the virtue of Humbleness which is closely related to the virtues of Obedience and Purity.

Those who want to be humble must necessarily be pure, and likewise those who want to be pure must necessarily be obedient. Humbleness is the central phase of the virtues of obedience and purity. By following the humble example of the Holy Family, the virtue of Humbleness can once again become the centre of the life for many.

The humbleness and the living faith in God of Saint Joseph, of Mary Most Holy and of the Child Jesus are of great example and comfort for us today, as well is for us the living example of Maria Giuseppina Norcia. Those who have had and have the privilege of knowing inwardly this Maiden of God, have a real knowledge of the profound meaning of the virtue of Humbleness, for She embodied it in perfection. In Her Pure and Holy Heart, Humbleness has always been alive, just as alive has been Her faith in Jesus and Her infinite trust in prayer.

This is the teaching of the living example of the Maiden of God who every day, with joy and serenity, led to Humbleness all the sons and daughters entrusted to Her by the Lord, never letting anxiety and heaviness of the everyday life to crush her, but always keeping harmony and lucidity alive, in order to fulfil the Father’s will every day.

Humbleness must not be confused with surrendering or with submissiveness.

Humbleness always makes man alive and characterises those who want to live in Christ and Mary in perfection, striving every day to do the Father’s will with generosity, to the best of their ability, without keeping anything for themselves but giving themselves with no limit for love of the Lord. The virtue of Humbleness is also united with the virtues of Modesty and Rectitude. Those who practise Humbleness with sincerity of heart are naturally predisposed to Modesty and will have no difficulty in being upright. Humbleness opposes and contrasts haughtiness and vainglory that characterise those who are inclined to dominate over others. Humbleness is the daughter of Charity, and in continuous prayer this virtue grows more and more. The soul achieves great wellbeing from prayer that is consequently transmitted to the mind which, finding benefit, will increasingly seek silence and contemplation, thus favouring the growth of the virtue of Humbleness in all those who wish to imitate Christ and Mary, so to become many little Jesuses and many little Marys.

This is what the Maiden of God did, who today spurs us on, by Her living example, to practise this great virtue which is the basis and foundation for every Christian. Those who do not appreciate and seek Humbleness, with all their strength, can never be true disciples neither of the Mother nor of the Son; especially in these last times in which is now taking place the greatest battle between he who, full of selfishness and haughtiness, has rebelled against God, and those who, wishing to remain little in the sight of the world, have not hesitated to leave everything in order to embrace the greatest Treasure that dwells in the New Jerusalem: Jesus, the humble and meek King, who has descended here once again to conquer this world. Those who wish to be humble are to entrust themselves today to the intercession of the Maiden of God, She who, in Her Humility, has helped many, with love and prayer, to find the Way, to embrace the Truth so that many, on the day established by the Father, may deserve to inherit eternal Life.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.