The virtue of Loyalty

July 3rd, 2020
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Today I want to meditate, with you, on the virtue of Loyalty which is united to the virtue of Obedience and is closely related to the virtue of Purity and of Humility.

He who is loyal is primarily obedient to God’s will and consequently is obedient to those called by God to hold a position of responsibility. He who is loyal is also pure, because his heart is guarded and preserved from all malicious thoughts that can harm, even seriously, all the friends and all those who are called to share every responsibility.

He who is loyal works in the day light and avoids plotting in the dark or in the shadows of darkness, speaking in a simple, straightforward and loyal manner, putting into practice the teaching of Jesus who exhorts us to say: “Yes, when you mean yes and no, when you mean no”. Consequently, he who is loyal is sincere and never a liar. He who is loyal and is aware of his own limits, loves humility, hating haughtiness and vainglory. He who is loyal behaves with righteousness and holiness, keeping at heart the one primary Good: God. He who is loyal does not betray, neither directly nor indirectly, but loves Loyalty, seeking it and desiring to serve it with all his strength, never betraying it, disowning betrayal and betrayers, wiping the memory of them from his life, erasing all that is betrayal from his essence, preferring to die, even in his innermost, rather than betraying or stepping back or plotting or conspiring against all that is Holy and belongs to God.

Loyalty is a great virtue that, together with Sincerity, fights lies and liars and all those who speak arrogant and haughty words. Loyalty loves those who are just and the justice. Loyalty is well aware that, as taught by the Sacred Scripture, in the same way the birds linger with their fellows, it returns to those who practise it. He who is loyal will be filled with blessings and will always find what he needs.

The Maiden of God has always been loyal to her Lord and to all those whom the Father has over time entrusted to Her. She loved Jesus and His teachings above all things, considering as brother, as sister and as mother, those who lived and live to do the will of God the Almighty Father, as Jesus teaches us, namely those who, animated by the Holy Spirit, love the Lord more than their own life, more than any material good and more than any human affection.

May the Lord Jesus preserve the true sons of God from all disloyalty and, on the example of His Maiden, may He help us to embody and love Loyalty together with Faithfulness, above everything else.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.