With Mary we pray the Father
to shorten the time of Resurrection

April 11th, 2020
Holy Saturday


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

On Saturday, the Holy Saturday which comes before the Easter Resurrection, the Church contemplates and co-participates in the grief of Mary, in Her silence, in Her prayer, in Her living hope that, in God, becomes certainty. On that day, Mary, a woman in Her human dimension, felt loneliness; Her Heart was lacerated because Her Son, Her Holy Fruit of Love, had been brutally and unjustly wrenched from Her; hence Her human anguish was intense.

Mary was in pain, in anguish, but not in despair.

Mary, although in sorrow, did not feel abandoned, neither by God nor by Her handmaidens.

Alive was Love in Mary. Alive was God’s Love. Alive was the love of Her handmaidens. Alive was the love of Her sons, those whom Jesus had entrusted to Her at the foot of the cross, through the Apostle of Love. Alive was the Love of God that nourished Her Heart torn by great sorrow.

Despite the pain, Mary never failed in Her faith in the Lord; Mary never felt deceived by God the Father, as others have instead stated. Yes, it’s true: a sword had pierced Her soul, just as the prophet Simeon had foretold Her. Yes, it’s true: Her Heart was wounded and the scar of that wound remained etched in Her Heart forever, but never did Mary lose faith and trust in the Father, never did She come to think that She had been deceived by the Father.

Mary’s faith is unshakable, invincible. Mary is the bulwark of faith. Mary always remained in communion of heart, of soul and spirit with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit and with God the Father, to such an extent that Her living prayer and Her living Love have penetrated the Heart of the Father who, thanks to that faithful prayer, shortened the time of Resurrection, so that the Light would invigorate all hearts, so that the hour of darkness would soon pass and give way to the Light, to Christ the Light who, by His Resurrection, illuminates the world even more.

Christ, Light of eternal Resurrection, He who restores life to those who ask and entrust themselves to Mary in order to be united with the Father during the test, in the hour of temptation, to overcome temptation and to be freed from all evil, from the evil one and from all his children.

This is the essence of Mary, the Mother of God, Mother of Jesus and Mother of all of us Her sons.

Mary is She who gathered and gathers the nascent Church. Mary is She who, although in suffering, has given joy, comfort, courage, giving life to the people who entrusted themselves to Her.

At that time, Mary, over and over again, reminded everyone of the Master’s words: namely that Jesus would have risen; that on the third day He would have risen from the dead; that Jesus would have manifested Himself. In doing so, although in pain, Mary gave strength to all Her sons, thus becoming a bulwark, a certitude, a point of reference for everyone.

Here is the Mother Church, here is Mary Mother Church, She who welcomed Peter during His weeping and repentance, helping him to get up, to become the strong stone called to lead the nascent Church.

This is the meaning of our contemplating and living this Holy Saturday, united to Mary, in Her living prayer, in prayerful silence, She who gave comfort and certainty to the sons of Christ who in their trial await the Resurrection, the Light, Christ the Light.

Let us remain today in prayer, united with Mary, so that tomorrow may be a day of Light, tomorrow may be a day of Resurrection for all God’s sons, so that this Easter may mark the true resurgence of the sons of God.

In the total union of heart, of soul and spirit with Mary, faithful Mother, let us pray to the Father today, together with Her, so that God the Father Almighty may shorten the time of human agony allowing us to live the eternal Resurrection, to live the Light that pierces the darkness and restores the new Life in Christ, with Christ and for Christ.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.