Woe to those who blaspheme Jesus!
On the Cross, Jesus did not ‘make himself sin’!
Jesus is Holy!

March 31st, 2020
Meditation of the Day by Pontiff Samuel


Dear brothers, here we are on this last day of March, the month in which we have contemplated Saint Joseph to whom I invite to continue to pray to, now even more, having understood in our hearts the greatness of this Saint called by the Father, so that his strength and his holiness may accompany us, so that he who is the guardian of the Child Jesus, he who is therefore the guardian of Christianity, may help us to be like Saint Joseph: the guardians of Christ, the guardians of the only doctrine, which is Christ, guardians of Christianity, so to be able to defend Jesus from everything and everyone, and to be able to love Jesus with our example, allowing thus everyone to completely understand all the things Jesus did; and not be distorted but well understood, so that everyone may freely decide to love Jesus in the freedom given by the Father to each one of us.

But no one can be allowed to turn Jesus’ life upside down, to change Jesus’ teaching. The Father gave us His Son Jesus, His only-begotten Son, to save us, to give us all the opportunity to resurge through His sacrifice of the Cross. Jesus was lifted up on the Cross for our salvation, to nail all the sins of humankind to the Cross. Jesus did not make Himself sin: Jesus defeated sin on the Cross. Jesus did not become a serpent: He defeated the serpent. I say this to you, dear brothers, because I suffer to hear others, who for many are role-models, who should guide the flock of God on this earth, make such statements which are blasphemies that make the hearts of Christians bleed. Today, this has been said by others: that Jesus became sin for us. “You have made yourself sin“; “you look like the greatest sinner“. And also: “entirely sin“; “Jesus turned into sin“; “total defeat of Christ, left alone, abandoned by the Father“, “a serpent“. This has been said and this is not acceptable.

As Christians we must defend Jesus. No one who claims to be a Christian, who is animated by the Holy Spirit, can go so far as to blaspheme Jesus Christ by saying all this. St Peter did not say this; St Peter said that Jesus bore our sins in His body, on the wood of the Cross. Scripture cannot be twisted; what the apostles wrote and what tradition teaches us cannot be twisted.

Brothers take a stand, make your voices heard in defence of Jesus! No one can be allowed to blaspheme Jesus, especially not he who, dressed in white, shows himself as the one who should embody the person of Jesus on earth. It is not the garment that makes the monk!

Let us defend Jesus, let us stand together in defence of Jesus, following the example of St Joseph who guarded the Child Jesus against everything and everyone. Let us entrust ourselves to St Joseph, to Mary Most Holy and to Jesus, so that the name of Jesus may be praised, now and forever, and no one may be allowed to blaspheme Jesus by making people believe in something that is not true.

Jesus, You who gave Yourself on the Cross to nail every sin, every serpent, every son of the serpent, bless us all, and You, Heavenly Father, stand in defence of Your Son and of Your sons; show Yourself Father, so that no one can be allowed to blaspheme Your Son by deceiving those who, in their simplicity, listen and think that all this comes from Your heart. Do not permit it, Father, stand high and defend Jesus, defend Your sons who love Jesus.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.