Flee satan!
Michael, Gabriel and Raphael
will win you here

September 29th , 2022
Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

On this day, the Mother Church celebrates the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael: the Defender, the Announcer and the Guide. The Archangels are placed by God the Father Almighty at the head of the angels of Heaven. And to every angel a human being has been entrusted from the moment of their birth, so that they may be guided on their earthly pilgrimage by the heavenly guardians that God assigns to each human being.

The Archangels are at the head of the angels. At the head of the celestial militia is the Archangel Michael, who works at the command of Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, She whom has been assumed into Heaven by the Father’s will and has been placed and established as Queen of the heavenly Hosts. Jesus is the King. Mary is the Queen. This is the hierarchy established by the Father, so that everything works in one only harmony of Heaven, which all men and women are called to live on this Earth already from now.

Here is the awareness that must animate all God’s sons, so that everything may be carried out in the right order established by the Father. Those who want to remain faithful to His Commandments and to His teachings, will let themselves be guided by the angels and the Archangels, therefore by the King and by the Queen, as in Heaven, so on Earth. Those who, in the freedom granted by the Father to everyone, will want instead to live not according to the Commandments and teachings of the Father which are manifested in the Son, will detach themselves from all that is Holy to join the one who has rebelled against the Father, the one who was the first to not accept the Father’s will, not accepting to be under the command of the Faithful Handmaid of the Most High, Bride and Mother of God, She who is all pure and all Holy. This is how the struggle of struggles began, as announced in time and betimes by the Father: the Woman and her lineage on one side; the disobedient, impure, haughty angel with his followers on the other.

We are part of this struggle. For this reason, on this day we want to celebrate and honour the Archangels faithful to God, the Archangels to whom God has entrusted a Trinitarian mission: one: to indicate the Way that leads God’s sons to salvation (here is Raphael); two: to announce and reveal the absolute Truth of God which manifests Himself in history (here is Gabriel); three: to defend God’s sons and to definitively defeat the enemy of God allowing all sons to live in eternity (here is Michael).

On the example of the three Archangels, today we want to renew and cry out to everyone our loyalty to the Father, our loyalty to the King and our loyalty to the Queen, forsaking the temptation of the disobedient, prideful and impure one. Away! Away every temptation from our hearts! Away every disobedience! Away all impurities! Away all haughtiness and vainglory! Away all deceptions from our spirit! Away all jealousy and rivalry! Away every war and every violence against our neighbour, against every man, against every woman! On the example of the Man‑God Jesus and of Mary, we renew our loyalty to God the Father Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, following the example of the angels and Archangels and aided by them who always accompany us and will never abandon us.

Pray every day to your guardian angel whom the Father has entrusted to you. Find the time, always, every day, to pray and dialogue with your guardian angel, so that he may help you to keep all temptations away and to live giving praise and honour to God the Almighty Father for having created us, made us Christians and guarded us every day, desiring to do better and better, day after day, as Jesus and Mary did all their life, as the saints and martyrs did every day, as so many men and women commit themselves every day to do, living, offering and suffering to be saints.

Do not be afraid. Overcome every temptation. Forsake discouragement and despondency. Together with the Archangels, let us pray to the Most August Trinity; let us honour the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary; let us entrust ourselves to the afflicted Most Holy Mary, asking Her to intercede with the Father so that God the Almighty Father may forgive our every faults, desiring to console Her and to consecrate ourselves every day to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the only safe refuge where the enemy of God will never be able to enter. Let us all gather together in that Heart. Let us join the Archangels to thank the Father and Jesus for having given us a Good and tender, holy and pure Mother.

Flee, Satan, because in the name of Mary and through Her pure and Immaculate Heart, Michael will chase you and will beat you, to sink you for eternity. Nothing you can do or will be able to do against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Let us remain united to Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, to honour Jesus and to honour Mary and we will have nothing to fear. And so be it.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.