Love and humility
redeem sin and overcome haughtiness

April 11th, 2022
Holy Monday
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Today, on this Holy Monday, we proceed on our ecclesial journey to live together this special and fundamental week for all Christians and for Christendom. And, as Jesus taught us, we want to put back at the centre of our life, prayer, brotherhood and fraternal love, that love that Jesus, the Master, taught and bequeathed to us in that New and timeless Commandment: love one another as I have loved you.

Here is that these words reverberate in our hearts that want to love Jesus as the only primary Good, that want to love our neighbour, hence our brothers, as ourselves. This is what we want to live this week. This Mother Church proposes, every day of the Holy Week, some prayers to be personally recited, that can be found on the institutional website of the Church, so that all daily prayers may be complemented with personal prayer intentions, so that prayer may be intensified and bear fruit.

Along together with prayer, here is the fraternal union; here is the union of hearts; here is the mutual and universal love that characterises the journey of us, sons and daughters. Love one another, manifest to belong to this Church, by your example, in your daily life, to demonstrate the Christian authenticity that characterises us. And through this, many who are in search of the Truth will be able to encounter the Truth, to embrace the Truth, to live the Truth that dwells in the Mother Church to guide every son of God, every man and woman animated by good will, to live Christ in plenitude.

Here it is that, every day of the Holy Week, the Gospel will accompany us to come together to experience the Day of Resurrection. On the page of the Gospel we heard today, we witness an act of infinite love by a woman who does everything for love of God, of her Jesus. A woman who certainly made serious mistakes in her life, but once she met the Master she changed her life, fully laying herself at the Master’s disposal, falling at His feet, saying in her heart: do with me what pleases You, Your will be done.

Jesus appreciates the heart of this woman and also defends her against the attacks of he who, although called to be His disciple, had an evil seed in his heart that he was unable to uproot and, despite having been called to be a friend of Jesus, he let himself go up to betraying the Master, betraying the Master’s Love, for having remained alone in the moment of trial instead of asking for help from his confreres. This is what one must not do. Those under trial must ask their brothers and sisters for help, and must ask the Master for help, not remaining isolated, not succumbing to discouragement, to demoralization, or to unholy thoughts.

Here is the example given us by this woman, who was a sinner but loved Jesus so much, ransoming her error with humility and love. And here is the example, to not be followed, of he who being engulfed by haughtiness and full of selfishness, would have then betrayed the Master. Let us unite ourselves to Jesus and to Mary, so that we may take example from their Love, a Love become Flesh, and offer our lives and our daily life to the Father, even today, so that no suffering will be wasted. Let us offer everything, everything, everything, so we may unite ourselves to that Sacrifice that saves, so we may become co‑redeemers in holy and perfect union with the Redeemer, Christ, and with the Universal Coredemptrix, Mary.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.