Maria Giuseppina Norcia
is the example for every family

March 4th, 2022
1st Friday of Lent
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

On this First Friday of Lent, we contemplate the wound on the right hand of Jesus and we offer our every prayer and our daily life, for the triumph of the ‘family’; so that the family may return to be the centre of the life of every Christian. The family is that wanted by the Father, founded on the union between a man and a woman, so that love may circulate again in the midst of every Christian family; the spousal love and the love between parents and children.

This is the offer pleasing to the Father, in this Holy Time that has just begun; so to put the love of the family back at the centre; so to put back at the centre the original plan of the Father, who wanted the union to be between a man and a woman; so that the family could be at the centre of Christianity and at the centre of this society.

Love one another, inside your family; love one another, between families. Do not allow the tempter to divide the families, especially the family of the Spirit, the family united by the Holy Spirit who becomes the Universal Church.

Entrust yourselves to Saint Joseph and to Mary Most Holy and to the Child Jesus.

Take example from the Maiden of God, Maria Giuseppina Norcia, She whom the Father has called to constitute a family, in this final time where the Plan of Love and Redemption wanted by the Father in the New Jerusalem, is completely fulfilling.

Take example from Her Heart, from Her daily life, from Her disarming simplicity and Her extraordinariness in loving God, in loving the Family that God has entrusted to Her, where the Spirit reigns, where the Spirit is alive.

And as a Mother, She has taken each one of us by the hand, and we as sons, understand even more the value of the Family in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, following Her example: God, family, work.

This She taught us and this we now desire to teach to all those who live this Mother Church, so that love may freely circulate and thus overcome every temptation to division.

Everything to You, Heavenly Father, our everything we offer, so that You may grant us Your Grace for the family, so that the family You wanted, You constituted, may win and triumph.

And now let us pray to the Almighty Father with the prayer that Jesus revealed to Maria Giuseppina Norcia on 15 April 1982.

Almighty Father,
we offer You the sorrowful Passion of Jesus,
His glorious Ascension to You,
for these hard and difficult times.
Lord, have mercy.

Consecration to the Father’s Heart
To You, my Lord, I Offer my life, my everyday life.
Make me partake in Your Love so to win in Your Name.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.