I believe Lord.
You are the Son of God

August 24th, 2023
Meditation of the Day by Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Beloved brothers, today Christianity celebrates one of the holy Apostles of Jesus: Bartholomew, or Nathanael his original name. A great Apostle, an Israelite in whom, as Jesus teaches us, there was no falsehood and immediately recognised in Jesus the Son of God, the awaited Messiah to free the people from the slavery of the Pharisees and of an iniquitous and corrupt world that had become perverse. That Israelite man recognised the Son of God through a little revelation he received and, without doubting, accepted the invitation of his brother Philip “Come and see” to then immediately recognise the Master once he met Him face to face.

Those who come to the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus are to be animated by the same faith as Bartholomew. With humility and conviction, the invitation of Philip “Come and see“, must be brought to everyone, to then recognise the true Face of God, who manifests Himself in this Cradle.

Many are the revelations and graces received by so many in the Land of Love. Many are the words that have come true, listening to the invitations and the messages of the Maiden of God, Maria Giuseppina Norcia: She who has been defined by Jesus as the synthesis of all the Prophets and the ancient Patriarchs; She who has been entrusted by the Lord to announce to everyone the New Jerusalem and the Advent of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Repeat to everyone: “Come and see“. This is the time when the sons of God must be animated by a living faith, which leads all to recognise, in the Maiden of God and in her proclamation of Salvation, the Fulfilment of the promises of the Father, who has reconstituted His Church and established His Kingdom in this Place, as He promised.

Here is that the words of the Master are fulfilled: ‘You are going to see greater things than these. Heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending over the Son of man“. Here Jesus has come down to allow his sons to ascend and to already live this reality of Heaven, where the sons are to be like the angels who, although died to the world and to sin, want to live only and solely to fulfil the will of God, to live the Love to God and to their neighbours, without envy, without rivalry, without getting overwhelmed by all that is worldly.

This is the time to seek that perfection taught by Jesus to his first apostles. In these times, whoever wants to be a true disciple of the Master MUST aspire to perfect holiness. Otherwise, Jesus will be silent, so that each one will ponder his own failings and responsibilities. When things do not go as desired, one cannot always and only think of the faults of others but must look within himself and say with faith: “Jesus, purify my heart. Jesus, give me a new heart. Jesus, welcome me into this Cradle, for this Cradle is your Tabernacle, that you have given us for our salvation. And I want to dwell here with You and with all my brothers and sisters“. Without fraternal love there can be no love for God. Without Philip, Nathanael would not have met the Messiah. Let us unclothe ourselves of our old self to be clothed anew with Christ, our Light, who came down to bring all to Salvation. Just as for Nathanael the Tree bore fruit, so here the Tree of Life will bear many new fruits. Behold the newly called ones of the last times, those who, clothed in the Light of Christ, want to bring to everyone this good news, renewed in the Love of Christ and Mary.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.