Your spirit accompanies us
to bring the Church of Christ to triumph

June 29th, 2023
Solemn Feast of Saints Peter and Paul


In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear brothers, today all together we want to honour the two Pillars of the nascent Church, who witnessed Jesus to the very end by their example of life, giving themselves for the conversion of many and for the triumph of Christ’s Church.

Their legacy will not be squandered. Their spirit that proceeds through history, now finds fulfilment in the New Jerusalem, to be incarnated in those who must now manifest that example of guidance and fortitude, of encouragement and holy example, for all the brothers who want to remain grafted into Christ, recognising themselves as sons of the Son of God and for all those who, from being creatures, want to become “sons”, cutting off every bond with what is sin in order to be reborn in the Holy Spirit, from the heights of this Holy Mountain where all the words of the Holy Scripture find fulfilment.

As the spirit of Elijah became incarnate, so it is for the spirit of Peter and Paul that now lives in the New Jerusalem manifesting itself in those who live Christ as the only primary Good. Here are those who live in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, the living beings of God, who are in counterposition to the many dying people who populate a de-Christianised world, which has discarded Christ to give birth to the most relevant throwaway Culture – and it is this, not others – that dominates this current society which, after having discarded Christ, now wants to replace the Father Creator by creating a synthetic life, forgetting that God alone is the One who gives life.

Whoever wants to live in Christ and to remain an authentic Christian, has to leave what is old and decaying to make landfall in the New Jerusalem where the Holy Spirit has descended to re-found His Church and to revive that first Christian community, that first spirit that Peter and Paul have incarnated and animated and that they, with the strength of their spirit, now transmit to us all again.

Honour to You, Peter, who by your example guide the brothers to make them live the true Church. Take them by the hand and confirm them in faith. Be for them a living example of joy and holy balance, of strength and determination, so that all may understand how to live the true consecration to the Heart of Christ, to become true spokesmen of the One and Triune God and true consecrated of God, who has come down here to lead all peoples to the White Island, the Place where the purity of faith, the law and justice, the order and holy discipline will always be preserved and defended, in order to give to the last and the little ones, to the innocent and the suffering ones, that relief of Love that Christ, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, will give to His faithful sons”.

Honour to You, Paul, who indomitably continue to carry the Word of Your Master to all the nations. Move forward and win, and with sincerity, proclaim the Word of God, so that the cry of John the Baptist may reecho by means of your spirit through the streets of this world: «Prepare the ways of the Lord, who comes, is near, is here, to give Life to those who trust and confide in Him; and take it away from those who, heedless of everything and everyone, persist in blaspheming the Holy Spirit»”.

May the Saints Peter and Paul be, for everyone, bulwarks and defence of the authentic Christian faith, and example of living brotherhood, so that in their brotherhood every human division may be overcome, so that everyone may be as one, united in the one Name that saves, in the one Name that is God, who is Salvation. And so be it. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.