The divinity that is in Mary
visits humanity to bring it to triumph

May 25, 2024
Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Meditation of the Day by Pontiff Samuel


Beloved brothers and sisters, today we live an important Feast of Christianity, the Feast of the Visitation of Mary Most Holy to St. Elizabeth.

Just as Mary was visited from Heaven by the Archangel Gabriel who brought her the joyful Annunciation of the Father’s Will – which bore fruit through the “yes” of Mary by grafting the Word into her Virginal Womb and giving Him to us all – so Mary, filled with the Holy Spirit, visited Elizabeth. And the Mother of the Precursor, recognizing her as “the” Full of Grace, “the” Filled with the Holy Spirit, exclaimed: “To what do I owe that the Mother of my Lord should come to me?”.

In that moment, the Divinity, who in Mary is contained, visits humanity, so that humanity, acknowledging the Divinity that in Mary is, may unclothe itself so to be clothed anew, may die in order to be reborn, fresh and renewed, in order to be able to welcome the Newness and take part in it, to live the Communion with the Eternal Fruit contained in Mary.

As it was for Elizabeth at that time, so it is and must be today for all the sons of the Mother Church, in the knowledge that they have been visited in their innermost being by Mary, who, taking her sons by the hand, has set them on the itinerary that leads to Salvation.

Let us open wide the doors of our Hearts to Mary, She who, filled with the Divine Spirit, visits us to give us Her Fruit, Her Spirit that gives Life, so that we may always be in communion with Her Heart.

Let us be visited by Her who is Full of Grace, so to be grafted into the Tree of Life and partake in the eternal Banquet of the Son of God.

Those who love Mary, love Jesus. Those who do not love Mary cannot fully love Jesus, because Jesus is in Mary and Mary is in Jesus, in that inseparable Union of Their Hearts willed by the Father. The Heavenly Father, in His infinite Love, grafted into Mary’s Bosom a Part of His Heart, in order to generate in the hearts of His sons – by means of the Holy Spirit who is Love – the only-begotten Love, who is Father, is Son and is Holy Spirit, and in Mary dwells.

Allow yourself to be visited by the Divine Spirit who in Mary is, so to be able to welcome into your finite heart the infinite Spirit of God’s Love and become as He is.

Allow the grace of She, Who is Almighty by grace, to purify your heart and bestow a new heart upon you so to be able to receive the Son and bring Him to the whole world.

Let your humanity, in the encounter with the divinity, decrease so that Christ may increase and dwell in the hearts of many, allowing them to become many little Jesuses and many little Marys.

This is the true blessedness: to let ourselves be visited by Mary, offering Her no resistance, to become all One with Her Immaculate Heart and thus overcome every temptation and every sin. She has defeated the evil one and those who are merged in Mary shall fear nothing. Behold Mary and her lineage, who will definitely crush the evil one and his hosts. Behold Mary, Daughter, Bride and Mother, She who visited her people to generate, in the hearts of her sons, the only begotten Love, who is Spirit and is Holy and is Life.

In Mary, with Mary and for Mary, to be now and always in communion with Jesus, the living Bread descended from Heaven.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.