By loving St.Joseph we love Mary.
By loving Mary we love Jesus
to the fullest

March 19th, 2021
Solemn Feast of St. Joseph
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear brothers and dear sisters, our Feast is alive, continuous and throbbing. And into this festive atmosphere, we continue our meditation on the figure of St. Joseph, so that every faithful belonging to this Church may increasingly appreciate his virtues and bring his holiness and his divine Call at the centre of everyone’s devotion so to imitate his example.

Saint Joseph was the first Christian disciple. The inner Christianity, hidden from the world’s eyes, was born inside the domestic walls where Mary and Joseph lived. And there Christianity has its roots. And even before being a Christian, St. Joseph was a Marian. Saint Joseph has been the first to love Mary Mother Church, when Jesus was still in Her womb. Only by his complete love for Mary, Saint Joseph was able to welcome, love and live the Child Jesus in perfection. The love for Mary opened the doors to St. Joseph for loving Christ.

This is the example for everyone. Whoever wants to perfectly love Christ must necessarily love Mary. Only those who consecrate their lives and their daily existence to Mary will be able to consecrate themselves to Christ and to serve and love Him in perfection, just as Joseph and Mary did. Whoever doesn’t fully love Mary, will never be able to perfectly love Jesus. Loving Mary is the only way to love the Master.

This is the path traced by the Father for all those who want to be Christians, the same path chosen and walked by St. Joseph with courage. Certainly, there were many difficulties for Joseph to face. But by remaining docile and obedient to the Father’s will, by fully abandoning to His will, desiring to do not his will but rather that of the Father, by a total commending of himself to prayer, all what was humanly impossible before became simple.

In a revelation to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, Jesus says that St. Joseph was his model of life until the Father called him to Heaven.

Those who want today to be true Christians must restart from the example of St. Joseph: by loving Mary first, consecrating their life and their daily existence to Her Immaculate Heart, to then consecrating themselves to Jesus, to His Heart of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to experience the Love of a God who made Himself flesh, who unclothed Himself of His divine glory to raise to divine glory every human creature who becomes “son” in the only begotten Son by means of the sacrament of Baptism and putting into practice the Commandment of Love: love God and love your neighbour to the fullest. This is to be Christians. By doing this, we experience the joy of being Christians, that inner joy that overcomes all difficulties that human life of every day involves.

Loving Mary first does not mean loving Mary “more” than Jesus: it simply means loving Mary “as much as” Jesus. No son can think of being able to do without motherly love. Not even God willed to do without Her who is Mother, giving Her to His Son so that the Son might in turn give Her to each one of us, allowing us to now live Mary as “the” universal Mother. This is the time. This is the will of the Father. Who wants to contradict the will of the Father? Who are you man to oppose or rebel against the will of the Father? Satan rebelled against the Father, not accepting that Mary would become superior to him, not accepting to have to serve Her who has been crowned Queen, not accepting that Mary, by the grace bestowed on her by the Father, would possess in Herself the power to save, just as the Son Jesus.

Those who are unable or do not want to understand the will of God the Almighty Father, should follow the example of St. Joseph.

Love St. Joseph. Pray to St. Joseph. Surrender to the will of the Father as Saint Joseph did, so that, on his example, “self” will give way to God, who will thus be able to dwell in everyone’s heart. This is what happened to Saint Joseph, who was the first to divinize himself becoming a little Jesus, in an intertwining of love that led the father to grow in the Son and the son to grow in the example of the father, so that father and son, together, could fulfil the Father’s call and, with Mary, show the world the way of salvation.

Jesus is the Way, that leads to the Truth and leads to Life. In Jesus, the Trinitarian Mystery is fulfilled. “Whoever sees him sees me” it was said. In His Son, the Father is. And the Father completely manifests Himself in His Son, who now dwells in the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus. Everything is fulfilled here in the New Jerusalem. Here the angels and saints go up and down on the golden stairway allowing all those who want to experience Heaven on this Earth to ascend, for Heaven has come down here to establish God’s dwelling. “Master, where do you live? Come and see”. And so be it.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.