By the grace conferred on Her by the Father,
Mary is the Coredemptrix
and can do everything

March 25th, 2021
Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear brothers and dear sisters, we are gathered here today to live the solemn feast of the Annunciation, to rejoice and better understand the profound meaning of the annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel sent by the Father to Mary: the annunciation that has led everyone to understand that She is the “full of grace” and, as such, She was chosen before time by the Father, to become the Mother of the Man God Jesus.

The annunciation was certainly surprising, for Mary Herself but also for all the men of that time and those of future times. Now, however, in these last times we are all called to welcome the action of the Holy Spirit and the plan of Love and Redemption desired by the Father, which finds fulfilment in Jesus and Mary and will lead to understand and live everything.

In order to fully understand the will of the Almighty Father, we must unclothe ourselves of our judgments and prejudices first of all and then accept the will of the Father with docility, just as Mary did and said to the Angel Gabriel: “You see before you the Lord’s servant, let it happen to me as you have said”.

The grace that God bestowed on Mary has characterized Her History from the beginning to the end. God chose Mary before time was. God knows Mary since ever. God was in relationship with Mary before She was created. Mary already was in the heart and mind of the Father. For this reason, She was conceived Immaculate. She was conceived and generated in the Love before time was, to preserve Mary from the original sin that would have entered the time and therefore into the world, by the betrayal of Adam and Eve. God’s grace has been in Mary since ever. This is the meaning of the greeting of the Archangel Gabriel in calling Her “full of grace”.

Initially Mary didn’t fully understand what was happening, because She was first to cover Her human journey as a woman: She had to humanly grow and gain, over time, awareness of the words by which Saint Elizabeth would have called Her shortly after: You are “the” full of grace, and “the blessed among all women”. It was God’s grace that allowed Mary’s nature to remain uncorrupted, even after childbirth. This is why we believe by faith – dogma of faith – that Mary is “the ever virgin”.  

All this is only the beginning of the story of Mary. And those who don’t surrender to the action of the Holy Spirit, will stop here, already at this point. Many think in their hearts: how is it possible to believe that Mary conceived and gave birth having no knowledge of man? And again: how is it possible to believe that Mary gave birth to the Man God Jesus while remaining uncorrupted, therefore always Virgin, even after giving birth? 

Man always tries to investigate the realities of God. But if at first he doesn’t abandon himself to the action of the Spirit, he will always remain caged in his human limitation and his not understanding or accepting this, not only will he stop but he’ll risk betraying both Mary, the Most beautiful work of God, and God Himself, His Person, who in His only begotten Son is.

History teaches us this. No one can measure the things of God by the human standard of judgment. We must let ourselves be guided by the Divine Spirit to know the whole Truth. And the Divine Spirit dwells in Mary, who is the Temple, the Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit and the Centre of all wisdom. Mary is the Mother of God because so has pleased the Father, who otherwise could have directly sent His Son from Heaven, already made Man. But the infinite love of the Father has willed that Mary, from Handmaid – precisely because Mary first made Herself handmaid – could become first His Bride and then His Mother, wanting to give “the” Mother to His only-begotten Son, so He in turn would have given Her to the whole of humanity, so that today everyone can live Mary as “the” universal Mother.

In Mary everything is grace. An infinite grace without end, which begins before time so to lead all God’s sons to victory at the end times. Mary Herself, through the evangelist Luke (Luk 1:46-55), in the Magnificat, tells us that the Almighty did “great things” in Her. In the book of Genesis, in chapter three verse fifteen, in the so-called “Protoevangelium“, it is written that Mary, by the will of the Father, is She who will crush the head of the ancient serpent with Her heel, leading Her offspring to victory. Therefore, if Mary has to overcome the evil one, crushing his head, and lead, together with Her Son, Her sons to victory, it is because the Father, by grace, has given Mary the power to save, in the Son, with the Son and for the Son.

Everything has its own logic. Only those who have their hearts closed to the action of the Holy Spirit or, worse, only those who are animated by another spirit, that is contrary to Christ and Mary, can divert God’s sons from the understanding of Mary, teaching that Mary is not the Coredemptrix, stating that Mary was not born holy, stating that Mary would have felt betrayed by the Father under the Cross thus making Mary seen only as a simple “disciple” of Jesus. Satan and his followers are well aware that their defeat will come through the work of Mary, as it is written and revealed even in the Book of Revelation. Whoever denies that Mary is Coredemptrix deceives the sons of God and the Holy Spirit does not dwell in him. John Paul I, before his mysterious death, had time to publicly say that “God is Mother“, thus opening our hearts to the fully understanding of Mary. John Paul II, the pontiff who made the consecration to Mary the foundation of his pontificate, dedicating his motto to Mary: “totus tuus” (“I’m all yours”, all for you Mary) publicly exclaimed that Mary is “Coredemptrix of humanity“. He stated this in a Wednesday general audience: 8 of September 1982, the feast of Mary’s birth. In his speech addressed to the groups of Italian pilgrims, he affirmed that “Mary, although conceived and born without the taint of sin, participated in an admirable way in the sufferings of her divine Son, in order to be Coredemptrix of humanity“. The statement of John Paul II was clear, just as that of John Paul I.

Who today publicly insists on teaching – and never misses an opportunity in teaching – that Mary is not the Coredemptrix, manifests his real thought, which actually is resentment towards Mary.

Jesus revealed a prayer to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, which makes us understand how Mary can do everything and that in the end times, Jesus and Mary will reign together: King and Queen, Redeemer and Coredemptrix. This prayer revealed by Jesus, teaches us to praise and thank Mary in this way: “We thank You, Mary, for having given us Your Son Jesus. We praise You, Mary, for having accepted us as Your children. We bless You, Mary, for all the Love You have for us. And at Your feet we plead forgiveness for all the sins of the world. At Your feet we pray that every war and injustice may cease. At Your feet we cry out: Mary, send Your Jesus to reign with You among us”.

This humanity will be saved thanks to the joint action of Jesus and Mary. The Mother united to the Son, the Son united to the Mother, already since Mother and Son were only in the Father’s thought. They were already united in the mind and in the heart of the Father. And no one will be able to divide them. Woe to the man who dares to divide what God the Almighty Father has united. Woe to the man who discards Mary. This – not others – is the true throwaway culture that the Father will never allow.

Today we rejoice and celebrate. And we thank God the Almighty Father for having sent the Archangel Gabriel to announce that Mary, by virtue of the grace bestowed on Her by the Father, has been able to do everything and can do everything. Pray to Mary. Love Mary with all your strength: love Her with all your mind, love Her with all your soul, love Her with all your heart and with all your spirit, so to live the perfect communion of heart, soul and spirit with Jesus, the Living bread came down from Heaven.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.