God overcomes evil and every injustice

May 19th, 2021
Feast of the Christianity Healing
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear faithful, today we live this Feast with great joy. The Feast of Christianity that heals. On the anniversary of the healing of Maria Giuseppina Norcia, Christianity rises again and regains vigour by means of the prodigious intervention of Jesus and Mary in history.

And we want to renew this announcement to the whole world today: those who entrust themselves to Jesus and Mary will win, those who entrust themselves to what is world, to its logic and to its human powers, will lose. This is the awareness of God’s sons who, on the example of Maria Giuseppina Norcia, never lose heart and never get discouraged, but entrust themselves to the good Lord, with the certainty that the Almighty will never abandon them, even and especially when everything seems to have ended.

So did Maria Giuseppina Norcia, whose life seemed irretrievably compromised, at its very end, before that 19 May 1974. But God can do everything and everything can be overcome with God. And those who trust and rely on God will never succumb. Those who now laugh, soon will weep; those who suffer and offer for love of the Lord will win everything. The world has become corrupted and lives in sin. This is well understood by the sons of God who see all, hear all and understand all.

Many no longer care about respecting and enforcing God’s Law, the only Law to which we all will have to answer, who sooner and who later. And then – and only then – the true Justice will triumph, not a justice only formally equal for all, substantially dominated by the logic of this world.

In front of the tribunal of God, many who consider themselves to be first down here, will find themselves being the last, up above; and many who are considered to be the last down here, will be considered to be the first, up above. Before God we all will be laid bare; and God will judge each one of us according to our own works and according to his Law, which makes us truly free and all equal.

All God’s sons entrust themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who is Advocate, Queen and Coredemptrix, and in Her wisdom will make Truth triumph and evil succumb, by uncovering and making manifest every deception and misdeed; by giving holy courage to those who have the law at heart, even humanly, so as to get to the end and manifest the true justice; by not being afraid to go against a system, a power that is consolidated and for many unassailable. Those who will have suffered and offered for the love of God, will be healed from the infirmity of their soul which, being purified and renewed in the Love of the Father, will shine that much that their whole body will glisten, and will rise again and will be made new.

Here it is that, on this day, Christianity heals and resurges already from now, in the waiting to resurrect for eternity on the day foreordained by the Father; fulfilment of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This is the timeless and eternal teaching given to us today by the Maiden of God: She who, entrusting herself to the Father, has overcome the evil one and, with the help of Jesus and with the help of Mary, has defeated the evil that had attacked Her body but that could do nothing and nothing has been able to do against Her pure and holy Soul. And in His power of Father, of Son and of Holy Spirit, Jesus intervened and with His very hands, eradicating the illness from that body, healing it. This is the prelude and the prodrome of the healing of the whole Christianity that took place with the fulfilment of this Mystery, which enabled the Father to restore and renew His Covenant with His faithful sons, overcoming the corruption and the unfaithfulness of those who, called to be sons, have become stepsons because of the prostitution of her who, called to be mother, has become stepmother, drunk with the blood of the martyrs and saints of Christianity, which is now healed and redeemed thanks to the advent of the Child Jesus and will never be defeated.

Here is the true Christianity! And here is the faith, the awareness that animates the sons of God who proudly advance and will never surrender.

I say again: “many will know and will experience the temper of the sons of God, experiencing it in depth”. Evil knows that it has little time left, and although many rely on the passing of time to elude the judgement, fleeing from their responsibilities, they will be powerless before God’s judgement. Saint Michael is ready. The Immaculate is alive and Her Heavenly Army is lined up to face the last battle that will bring Christianity, healed and risen by the advent of the Child Jesus descended from Heaven to this Land of Love, to win and triumph. Christianity will triumph and evil will succumb definitively, and will be sunk into the abyss, into the hell fire, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. There will be no more death, no mourning, no grief for the sons of God because in the New Jerusalem, Jesus will make all things new.

This is the promise Jesus made to His Maiden, and She in turn has extended it to us all. And we know that the Word of God will not pass away until it is fulfilled in plenitude. Give time to time and everything will be fulfilled and Christianity will win definitively.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.