In defence of the right
to a just and equitable job,
to serve God and love the family

May 1st, 2021
Feast of St. Joseph the Worker
Beginning of the month of devotion to Mary Most Holy
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear brothers and dear sisters, we live this day with great joy. We celebrate Saint Joseph the worker and we celebrate the beginning of the month of devotion to Mary. Once again, St. Joseph and Mary Most Holy accompany us through this journey and give us their example, so that each one of us may imitate their virtues and, on their example, may totally love and serve Jesus.

St. Joseph and Mary turned their everyday life into a daily extraordinariness offered to the Father. “Father, all for you. Father, all for the glory of your Holy Name and for your Son, for the triumph of His love and His peace, so that justice may reign in Heaven and on Earth: in this Land, in these times, today”. This is our prayer that today we entrust to Saint Joseph and to Mary Most Holy, so that the daily life of God’s sons may gain more and more warmth and colour, so to warm this arid and lost humanity with the flame of God’s love and to restore that holy colour that unravels the darkness and the deep greyness of a life that has become unsustainable for many, flavourless and aimless for others.

Let’s take the example of Saint Joseph, loving husband, caring father and tireless worker, who supported his family with his work, wanting to give all he could to his wife and to his Son Jesus. And today, on the feast of all workers, I want to address my prayer and my affectionate and special wish to all those men and women who do their utmost in sustaining themselves and their families and who strive to make this world a better place, giving the best of their intellect – the Father’s gift – and of all their human skills and professionalism, to bring this civil society to advance.

As regard to this point, I say that no one should be denied the opportunity to work, to support themselves and their families, without ever having to lose their dignity, in the right balance between giving and taking: the balance that must never be lost by the workers or by the company managers nor by institutional managers, who are the first that cannot and must not shirk their responsibilities in these hard and difficult times, to make work equitable and sustainable, with policies which must not crush workers and businesses by the excessive weight of the inefficiency of the bureaucracy and by the cost of an unfair and excessive taxation for many, in favour of few.

Many today feel to have their hands tied in front of all this, imprisoned by a system that risks first to implode and then to explode, in an ever-growing gap between those who are guaranteed by a continuous self-perpetuating system, to the detriment of those who, in their wanting to respect their neighbour and every rule, are crushed by the weight of the iniquity of the system.

The too many constraints and too many rules, unbearable for many, have become surmountable and interpretable for the benefit of those few who have enslaved many again: the many little ones, the many simple, the many who have become the last ones. This is the unacceptable gap that is widening more and more, in the rampant hypocrisy that dominates this world which has lost contact with God, which no longer lives the example of Jesus, Joseph and Mary.

And those who, on the example of Jesus, Joseph and Mary, were supposed to be the first to keep the boat steady on these social issues, the foundations of a healthy and civil coexistence between people and nations, have been instead the first to abjure the true faith, apostatizing from the true and holy teachings of Jesus: so ready to lecture others but never ready to assume their responsibilities in front of the law of God and the law of man, for the many – too many! – abuses and injustice committed.

Baby Jesus has come down to Earth again to help everyone return to live a simple but concrete, primordial but true faith, where “yes” means “yes” and “no” means “no”. This is the timeless teaching of Jesus. A faith with few rules, within the reach of all and equal for everyone; a faith that becomes example in the civil society, so that everyone may respect the relationship between people, without iniquity, without a preferential path granted to few, in the spirit of harmony between peoples that respects the fundamental pillars of civil coexistence, regardless of different sensitivities that everyone may have, in every context.

This is the example that Maria Giuseppina gave us: this extraordinary woman who worked all her life in carrying out the Father’s plan, which is now being fulfilled and will be definitively fulfilled, so that divine justice may triumph, in Heaven and on Earth, with the help of all the sons of God and with the help of all men and women of good will. This is the noblest and highest work to gain Heaven: to work in the Vineyard and for the Vineyard of the Lord, to bring His Kingdom and His Justice to triumph, as St. Joseph and Mary Most Holy did, first serving Jesus, who gave Himself to renew this humanity and bring everyone to live in harmony and in the right balance, first serving God, thus loving the family and to then support themselves with their own work.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.