Let us contemplate the wound
in the side of Jesus.
For the gift of Life

March 19th, 2021
5th Friday of Lent
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear brothers and dear sisters, on this fifth Friday of Lent we continue our meditation on the five wounds of Jesus on the Cross and today we contemplate the holy wound in His side, due to the blow of the spear that pierced Him. And in union with Mary, we offer our prayer and every sacrifice and suffering endured by Jesus, for the sacred gift of Life.

Life is God’s gift. For every man and for every woman, the purpose of life is to welcome this gift and to then return to Him who is Life, the source of every holiness; to then be able to live life to the fullest, for eternity.

For everyone, and for every Christian in particular, the meaning of life is to put into practice those holy teachings that foster the heart and the spirit to do good, so to then return to the one who generated everything, He who is life. Not “doing good according to conscience”, as now many say and teach; but doing good according to the One who is Supreme Good, the One who is the Principle of all Good, the One who created everything and gave us everything: He who manifested Himself in the Son Jesus, true man and true God, His only begotten Son, the Saviour of the world; He who gave us the gift of life which – as such – is sacred, from the natural conception for as long as God wills.

No one has the right to take the place of the Creator in this regard. No man or woman is allowed to end a life: neither their own nor that of their neighbour. “Love God with all your might and love your neighbour as yourself” the Master taught us. In Jesus’ commandment there is the synthesis of love that loves life, loving the Creator first and then all of His creatures. Everything can be won by trusting in God’s love and help. Even the pain, the difficulties, the sufferings of those who are called to generate life. Even overcoming the pain for the violence suffered. The love for life that is born overcomes the death caused by the pain suffered. As well as the love in the last time of life which, however suffered, redeems the soul from sin, that of our own and that of our neighbour, in union and in co‑participation with the Mystery of the Redemption of Christ the Saviour.  

Life is intrinsically united with Love. Life and Love, Love and Life: these are the two words that must be well understood, so that all peoples may be grafted onto the Tree of Life, which is the fruit of the love of Jesus, who sacrificed Himself on the Cross, for our salvation, and won, thus giving God’s sons the possibility of entering Heaven.

Before commending His spirit to the Father, Jesus accepted that humanity put Him to the test till the end. Through the final blow of the spear inflicted into His side, humanity wanted to see the actual death of the man Jesus – Man for many, God for few – despite Jesus, up to that moment, had already given every drop of His blood as sign of the love for those sons of that time and for those of future times. The wound of His side was the most painful. And from the wound due to the blow of the spear, water and blood came out, thus surprising those executioners, who did not expect to see that. Those who pierced Jesus were expecting to see blood come out, blood that indeed was no longer blood. With the blood – little, very little blood – so much water came out instead. Blood and water represent Humanity and Divinity. Humanity, because the body is made of flesh and blood. Divinity, represented by the water, is the sign of transparency that brings man back to God.

Here is the human and the divine that join together, and through the work of God, brings men to sainthood.

The prodigious sign of the water outflowing with blood, manifests the infinite love of God made Man who totally gives Himself for love for His sons, giving them eternal life. The sign of water manifests the belonging of every man to the source of the water of life, which cleanses hearts from all sin. Here, now, in the New Jerusalem, that sign finds its final fulfilment. Here dwells He who is life. Here is the Source Font of the water of Life, which cleanses and will cleanse every son and every creature who wants to become “son”, so to deserve to inherit eternal life.

In Jesus there was the blood of God’s love and there was the divine essence: the water of the Source Font of life that cleanses all hearts. The water therefore, united to the blood, helps to understand even more the profound meaning of the new wine of the new covenant, established by the Father with the first Apostles and now renewed, in these last times, with the new Apostles called to bring the promised Kingdom to complete fulfilment.  

The last public sign given by Jesus before His death has been that of the water with the blood, the symbol of wine. This last sign is linked up to the first sign, that of the wedding at Cana, where water and wine invert their role, to complement each other. At the beginning of His public mission on Earth, at the wedding at Cana, Jesus transforms water into wine; at the end of His earthly mission, on Golgotha, Jesus causes the blood, hence the wine, to return to being water, to purify and quench the thirst for eternity.

In the water and in the wine there is thus the manifestation of the new covenant, re-founded and renewed in the sacrifice of Jesus, the victorious Lamb, who is now alive and victorious. In the New Jerusalem, every word of the Master is being fulfilled. Jesus said at that time: “I shall never drink wine any more until the day I drink the new wine in My kingdom”. Here, in this blessed Land of Love, there is the Font Source of the water of life; and there is the wine, the sign of the presence of the love of God’s Son. That blood and that water in the new wine, give life again, the true life purified from every sin and from every kind of enmity, because in this Land of Love there will be no more enmity between God and man. God came down here to reign together with His sons and to lead everyone to return to the Heart of He who is Life, in which there is no mourning, no lamentation, no pain, because the Heart of Life is Love, which Christ reveals in His triple essence and substance as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

«Praise and honour to You, Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. In honour of the holy wound of your side we offer You our prayers, all our sacrifices and acts of Christian charity. On this day, for the holy wound of your most holy side, from which blood flowed out with water, we ask you to lead everyone to understand and love the sacred gift of life, so that they all may live in the love for Jesus, One and Triune God, and for their neighbours, so to deserve to receive the gift of eternal life, which is Christ the Lord. And so be it».

Prayer to the Almighty Father
Consecration to the Father’s Heart

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.