Let us contemplate the wound
of the left foot of Jesus.
For the sinners

March 12th, 2021
4th Friday of Lent
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear brothers, dear sisters, on this fourth Friday of Lent we continue our meditation on the five wounds of Jesus on the Cross. Today we contemplate the holy wound of His left foot. And in union with Mary, we offer our prayer and every sacrifice and suffering endured by Jesus for all the poor sinners, for all the non-Christians and for all the non-believers.

To you all I say: “Jesus loves you. Jesus offered Himself in sacrifice even for each of you. Don’t be afraid to draw close to the Saviour. Don’t be afraid to ask for forgiveness. God is merciful. And the more you approach His heart with a sincere heart, the more Jesus floods you with all of His love. Jesus has come down in this Land to give His infinite mercy to all who have fallen in sin; He has come down to embrace those who are far away; He has come down to gather all the lost sheep; He has come down to gather in this unique Fold all those who will recognize Him as Lord and Saviour and universal Shepherd of the world.

Do not allow to be overcome by the subtle deception of God’s enemy who in his first approach flatters you to make you fall and once fallen, he will point his finger against you to crush and kill you. Be strong and steadfast, resist the temptation to do evil or to think that you can live the true God in another religion or in another religious philosophy or to think that God doesn’t exist. Put into practice the commandment of love taught us by Jesus: «Love God and love your neighbour». God is Jesus, the only begotten Son of the living God, God made flesh, Love made Man. It is by loving Jesus that loving our neighbour becomes easier, because being guided by the example of He who is Love in essence and substance”.

Those who think it’s better to love their neighbour first and then – perhaps – to seek and find the true God, risk to be overwhelmed in these hard and difficult times, by their own “self”, which can become proud remaining clung to the prestige that comes from helping others, and from the dominant human thought of today which places man at the centre of everything but discarding the Truth revealed by God. The deception of this new humanism that exalts man and discards the universal Catholic God who manifests Himself in the Son made Man, is so subtle and leads many to lose Eternal Life. Indeed, the enemy of God, being unable to stop the absolute Truth which is Christ the Lord, tries to bring people to not welcome this by offering them other truths, that are relative and of convenience, offering everyone what they wish to receive.

In doing so, the absolute Truth is shattered, breaking it up into many parts that cause many to lose the absolute Thought of God and His will, which only in His Son is. Only by following the Way of Love traced for us by Jesus, we will be sure to reach salvation, so that man may be first committed to seek, find and therefore to love the true God and then to love his neighbour in perfection. In fact, what good is it for man to commit himself to this extent if he then risks to lose eternal life?

Here is the left foot which, although pierced and suffering, is not defeated but is alive in the love for our neighbour, recognising Christ the Lord in the countenance of our neighbour. The left foot thus joins the right foot, in a complete overlap, as was on the Cross, where a single nail pierced both feet, with the right foot superimposed on the left foot. In this image there is the metaphor of all Christians, who must overlap and guide the non-Christians and non-believers with their example in being true men – upright, correct and consistent – offering their lives and their daily existence in co‑participating in the mystery of redemption, on the example of Mary, She who perfectly embodies every virtue, She who participated in the living Mass of the Son on Golgotha​​, a living, continuous and throbbing Mass. In doing so, everyone can live on Mary’s example, a simple yet profound faith; strong and peaceful at the same time; humble and joyful at the same time; sweet and sincere at the same time; a faithful faith, which leads everyone to live the Truth of Jesus so to be worthy, in this way, to conquer eternal Life, which is Christ the Lord. 

By doing so, it will be easier for sinners to return to God. And whoever doesn’t know God or seeks God in other religions or in other religious philosophies, will be able to meet God and contemplate His face, thanks to the example of those who will help them to know, love and live the true God, Jesus, One and Triune God, He who is the Way, Truth and Life, He whom the Father sent to lead everyone to salvation.

Trust in Jesus, the Redeemer. Entrust yourself to Mary, the Coredemptrix; and nothing will be difficult. Ask Jesus to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, She who was chosen by God as Mother and was given by God Himself to us all, as our Mother, so that, on the example of Jesus, everyone may consider Mary not only as Queen but as Universal Mother. In Mary it is even easier to experience and embrace the Father’s mercy. Mary is the Way that leads us to the Son, to directly reach the Father’s Heart. Entrust yourselves to Her motherly Heart. Let yourself be led by Her hand. Let yourself be conquered by Her caress and healed by Her balm that soothes every wound. With Her intercession before the Father, Mary helps us to wash away every stain of sin, purifying our soul, regenerating our heart and unburdening our Spirit, giving us the joy and freshness to live and not to survive, living every day in God’s grace, thanking the Father for His Goodness.

Don’t resist the Heart of a Mother who lives and prays that every son may be healed and live, avoiding all sin; a Mother who lives and prays that every creature may become a son of God, by being baptized in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Do not allow your “self” to make you lose eternal life. God doesn’t want the defeat of His favourite creatures. Jesus has won for everyone on the Cross. All those who, even if being sinners or non-believers, believe in the mercy of the Son of God, abandoning themselves to the infinite mercy of the Son of God, can attain salvation just as happened for that thief who asked Jesus for forgiveness at the last moment and was saved, despite the many faults committed.

Now there is an even greater possibility to meet God’s infinite mercy. Jesus has returned, in the New Jerusalem, to give a new and last chance to the whole world to be saved. The centre of God’s infinite mercy is only here. Only here is the Font Source of the Holy Spirit, the cleansing Water of all souls, which will allow everyone to leave what is old in order to be clothed with the new, white robe, the white robe of the saints of God. Come. Don’t be afraid. Open your heart to Christ and Mary and nothing will be lacking.

«Praise and honour to You, Lord Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. In honour of the holy wound of your left foot we offer You our prayers, all our sacrifices and acts of Christian charity. On this day, for the holy wound of your left foot, we ask You to forgive all poor sinners who ask for mercy with a sincere heart; we ask You to make Yourself known and loved by those who disown You, so that everyone may acknowledge You and love You, as true Man and true God. And so be it».

Prayer to the Almighty Father
Consecration to the Father’s Heart

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.