Let us contemplate the wound
of the right foot of Jesus.
For the Christians

March 5th, 2021
3rd Friday of Lent
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear brothers, dear sisters, on this third Friday of Lent, we continue our meditation on the five wounds of Jesus on the Cross. Today we contemplate the holy wound of His right foot. And in union with Mary, we offer our prayer and every sacrifice and pain suffered by Jesus, for all the Christians and for all the men and women of good will, those who are in search of the Truth, those who love the Truth and sincerely live to find the Truth, those who live to love their neighbour as themselves.

Before His ultimate sacrifice on the cross, Jesus said to His first friends: “But when the Son of man comes, will he find any faith on earth?”. The Son of Man has returned and there is so little faith on Earth. Few are the true Christians who have welcomed the return of the Lord, who has come down Child to allow those who humbled themselves to be reborn from Above, in the Spirit, surrendering their will to the Father’s will so to become adults, giants in faith.  

Nowadays Christians have a great responsibility: to not disperse Jesus’s Sacrifice on the Cross, the only begotten Son of God, the Son of the living God, the Saviour of the world, and furthermore to overcome indifference towards God and the rampant apostasy that reigns in the hearts of many. In these our times, the evil spirit teaches that we are all brothers in one god and that all the main religions lead to love a god that everyone calls father.

But only Jesus is the manifestation of the Father. Whoever recognizes Jesus as the only begotten Son of God is a son of God and the Truth dwells in Him. But now, the evil spirit would want us to believe that all can worship their own god, remaining and belonging to their own religious beliefs, thus living together as though they were all brothers. But we are truly brothers only through our Brother Jesus, the only Saviour of the world, who taught us to know and love the One and Triune God and to love our neighbour as ourselves. No other teachings are needed. There is no need now for wanting to bring everyone together in one new teaching aimed to unite all beliefs and substantially placing them on the same level: the sacrifice that Jesus made for us dissipates, the love for the true God, Jesus, dissipates, to adore someone who is not God, to adore someone who is not Father.

Christians, therefore, must take a decisive and confident step, as the right foot suggests to do. They must act now. They must come together in the teachings of the Master, so to make everyone live the one Truth that saves, clearly announcing everyone that to deserve to receive Eternal Life they must believe in Jesus, be baptized in His name and put His teachings into practice, clearly saying without ambiguity, that salvation is only in Jesus, and not in other past religions that are not in communion with the Father’s Heart.

Having taken this step, Christians and all those of good will, must take another step, even more decisive and strong: to become aware of the will of the Father, who sent His Son again on a cloud, as it is written, to bring everyone to welcome His will so to renew and refound His New Covenant with all the Christians, called to leave Babylon, called to converge from north to south, from east to west, to find themselves all together in the New Jerusalem, the metaphysical Home of God, announced by the sacred scriptures and so awaited, the place where everything is being fulfilled in Spirit and Truth, where God One and Triune has placed His tent to allow everyone to live eternal Life.

This is what Christians are now called to announce to everyone, on the example of God’s Maiden, Maria Giuseppina Norcia, She who lived to announce to everyone that this is the Place of the Lord’s return; that this is the only Tabernacle where God dwells with His sons; to not look for Jesus elsewhere, in other places, because this is the Land chosen by the Father for the fulfilment of His promises.

Those who succeed in nullifying their own “self” in order to live the will of God, will live the true peace, the true love, the true joy, to sincerely dwell in Truth already from now.

Here is that the right foot shows us the way to follow, so as not to nullify the sacrifice and the immense pain suffered by Jesus on the Cross, in that beginning of the pathway of redemption that Jesus offered for our salvation by giving His life.

Those who want to live today as a true Christian are to welcome the announcement made by Jesus to His Maiden. Here Jesus calls us to welcome this Mystery of Love in order to manifest ourselves as true Christians, men and women willing to offer their daily existence and their lives for the love of the Father, for the love of Jesus, for the love of Mary, in their wanting to live God as the only primary good. Jesus calls the numerous Christians remained anchored to an outdated tradition and the many others who are lost in other realities, to welcome Him in this place in Spirit and Truth, so to not waste whatever good many do every day for their love of the Lord.

Sons of God and you all, men and women of good will! Raise your head; raise high your spirit, allow your heart to fly and free your soul from many ties and knots. The light of Christ, once again descended here, unties the knots, frees from chains and allows people to live and win as true sons of God. Here is the Sign sent again by the Father, so that the Cross of light, true light, Cross of resurrection, may give the whole world the new nourishment that gives new life so to remove what is old and open the heart to what is new, even more new, in spirit and in love, that love manifested but not reciprocated, that love become Man in total self-giving to everyone but receiving love from very few, that love that has multiplied in His act of dividing Himself to feed every heart yearning to be filled with God’s love, the only and eternal love which overcomes all iniquity, which overcomes all snare, which overcomes death.

«Praise and honour to You, Lord Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. In honour of the holy wound of your right foot, we offer You our prayers, all our sacrifices and acts of Christian charity. On this day, for the holy wound of your right foot, we beg You to protect and save the Christians in the world who live to show Your Name and Your presence; we beg You to enlighten all those of good will who arrive in the New Jerusalem, wanting to know and love You, in your essence and substance. And so be it».

Prayer to the Almighty Father
Consecration to the Father’s Heart

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.