On the example of King David
we love and defend God, to achieve Victory

December 29th, 2020
Meditation of the Day by Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear faithful, on this day the Church celebrates a great man in God’s history: David, King and Prophet. David lived about a thousand years before the coming of Jesus, and initially he was a shepherd in Israel, called to tend the sheeps that his earthly father Jesse had entrusted to him. Then the young David was ordained king by the Prophet Samuel, who anointed him while Saul, the first king of Israel, was still alive. But Saul had betrayed God and the call he received, doing what is bad in the eyes of the Lord. For this reason, God the Father Almighty broke His Covenant with Saul to renew it with the young David, while Saul was still alive and considered publicly by many to still be King. By many, but no longer by God.

Once again, history teaches us that God calls and His call is never wrong, but those who are called must not betray God and the call received. Otherwise, God breaks the covenant previously made in order to renew it with His beloved one.

This is the Hebrew meaning of the name David: beloved.

David was therefore the Lord’s beloved. The King, the Prophet and the poet who sang the praises of the Lord, that are written in the Book of Psalms.

David was he who knew how to love the Lord as very few others; he knew how to face with great courage the enemies of the Lord and to lead his people to victory. Everyone remembers the story of the young David who, equipped only with a slingshot, was able to strike down the giant Goliath, who nobody wanted to challenge. But David, armed with faith, struck him in the forehead with a single blow, to then finish him off with his own sword.

This is the example that David gives us today. An example of faith, an example of courage in facing and fighting those who set themselves against God. God wins and no enemy, no matter how humanly powerful they may be, can resist God and His Spirit; that Spirit who accompanied David to victory.

Jesus was born from David’s descendants, as written in the Gospel of Matthew, that was prophesied by the prophet Isaiah who, in chapter 11, spoke of the shoot that would sprout from the root of Jesse. This is why Jesus is called the son of David.

Great was David’s love for His Lord, as Jesus Himself revealed to Maria Giuseppina Norcia in one of His Messages. And today we want to thank the Father for having given us the example of this great King and Prophet, who, even at the moment of error, was able to weep at his own mistake and promptly get up again, to never err again, but to love the Lord even more, with all his strength, to be able to fulfil his call by remaining faithful to His Lord, raising and singing praises to the Lord.

In the communion of Saints, in the living communion between Heaven and earth, David spurs us today by his example to love God even more, ever more, to face with courage every trial of our daily lives, to face with courage all those who fight God, all those who live to strike God.

On David’s example, this Church will always defend God and His teachings, Jesus and His Truth, in order to remain faithful to the call received and thus to come together to victory.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.