The tale of  Mons. E.C.*

A Cradle for Baby Jesus
in the land of Gallinaro

In the year 1975, on the hilly countryside of Gallinaro (Frosinone – Italy), in Via Fonte, a little church was built, dedicated to Baby Jesus. It was built by Mrs.Antoniella Fazio, widow of Cesidio Norcia, on a land of her property. Since then, like in a Sanctuary, groups of faithful pilgrims continuously visit this place, to beseech the graces promised by Baby Jesus to Giuseppina Norcia for those who here pray together.
Mrs. Giuseppina Norcia is the daughter of the said Antoniella; she is a widow too, and mother of two children, Vincenzo and Anna Antonietta. She originates from Gallinaro where her mother lives, who is also involved in the extraordinary events of her daughter. Both women state that, two days before Giuseppina took her first Holy Communion in 1947 – while her mother with two other women, Lina and Maria Colavecchio, were making cakes for the occasion – she was playing all alone near her house where today the little church stands.
Suddenly Giuseppina saw a little soft shiny cloud descending from the sky on which a baby of superhuman beauty was sleeping.
It was Baby Jesus!
The little cloud stopped at about one meter from the little seer.
As Jesus opened His eyes which were of incomparable sweetness, He stared and smiled at her.
Giuseppina, ravished by the vision, would have wanted to touch His little feet, kiss His eyes, hold Him in her arms, but her arms stretched out could not reach Him.
“Mummy, Mummy” she cried out repeatedly, hoping her mother would arrive in time to get Him.
Her mother rushed out at once with the other women but, before she arrived, the apparition disappeared.
The young girl kept on looking up at the sky, longing to see Jesus again who, in the semblance of His own childhood, had privileged her with a visit before she would have received Him sacramentally.
Her mother and the women who were with her were overtaken by overwhelming emotion.
They too searched the sky for a long time but with no success, while sharing the joy of hearing from Giuseppina’s lips the details of the wonderful vision.
Baby Jesus’ smile remained indelibly imprinted in the little seer’s heart, making her foresee that God would have come again to smile at her.
She grew up with this hope and in loving expectation.
She incessantly repeated:

«I love you, Jesus, I love you so much,
I rely on You; do not leave me alone.
Do of me as You please;
May Your will be done».

Frequently she received the Sacraments to keep herself closer to the Lord by whom she felt invisibly protected and guarded in His adorable Heart.
When she was eighteen, she was married to a young man of Sora, Umberto Lombardi who, for his goodness, has remained in the memory of all those who knew him.
He died unexpectedly after twelve years of marriage, leaving his beloved family in very great sorrow.
In 1974, Giuseppina was unexpectedly taken seriously ill.
On May 15th, at 2:30 pm, in her bedroom, while praying intensively, she was invested with a very bright light which invaded the whole room.
Suddenly, beside her appeared Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel.
It was never easy for Giuseppina to express what she felt when Baby Jesus appeared to her, but it is even less easier for her to say what she felt that day when, after such a long time, Jesus, no longer as an infant but as an adult, came back to console her in her suffering.
The majesty of the Lord was incomparable; His beauty extraordinary.
A perfume of paradise exhaled from Him; His hair had reflections of gold.
Our Lady, of extraordinary beauty, dressed in white with a sky blue veil and belt.
At Her side stood Saint Michael the Archangel as an adolescent, all purity, vigour and splendour.
The three talked a long time consoling her and instructing her on how to pray and to make others pray, and entrusting her with a mission of salvation.
They also warned her of a terrible trial which she would have undergone the following night.
In fact she had to hold out against an attack of the devil who, arriving in her room with great roar, frightened her with his horrible and menacing appearance.
Giuseppina was speechless with terror and unable to invoke help.
She grasped in her hands the rosary beads which the devil furiously tried to tear away from her.
Humiliated by the vain attempt, the “ugly beast” lifted Giuseppina with inexpressible fury and knocked her repeatedly against the wall to annihilate her.
She then remembered the words of Saint Michael the Archangel.
“The devil can be won only by prayer”, but during that terrible struggle, she could not pray.
To the relatives who rushed in her room she made them understand, by shaking the rosary beads, that they should pray.
As soon as her relatives began the Holy Rosary, the infernal assailant felt lost; he broke the rosary beads that he could not tear from Giuseppina’s hands and ran away.
After a few days, Jesus reappeared with the Virgin Mary and the martyr Saint Mesia – whose body lies in the church of the castle of Alvito – preannouncing to Giuseppina that He would have healed her … as later happened.
In this circumstance Jesus said to her: “You see, nothing is difficult for Me. Those who ask shall receive, those who love will be loved”.
Saint Mesia has an important role in the events of Giuseppina, but here, for reasons of brevity, we shall not here speak about.
In the year 1975, Jesus confided an important secret to Giuseppina which must not be revealed until He gives permission to do so.
Jesus and the Virgin Mary showed her the wonderful reality of Paradise and the horrors of hell to make her understand the eternal pains.
And here our Lady in seeing her children lost said to her, crying: “See where sinners end. Help Me… let’s hurry”!
And showing her the rosary beads, added: “After the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion there is no other way!
You have seen that we are in battle with the devil.
Teach everybody to make good use of time for the glory of God and salvation of souls.
Pray a lot for the conversion of poor sinners: they too are My children.
The Holy Rosary is the most powerful weapon to fight the devil, to save souls, to set them free from evil and temptation.
Understand me: it is the heart of a Mother who suffers for Her lost children.
Help me. My dear Jesus is always sad as you know”.
In that moment Jesus appeared sad and said:
“Never get tired of repeating to those who have forgotten and keep forgetting the words I pronounced at the Last Supper:
After saying that, Jesus had the Angels sing the last two verses of the Our Father:
Then He added:
“These words must be put into practice and taught to those who do not know them”.
Finally, the Lord showed her Mount Calvary to make her better understand that the Holy Mass is essentially the RENOVATION OF THE SACRIFICE OF CHRIST, and that the Eucharist contains Him immolated among us for our salvation.
In the meantime the Angels were singing:
You are wheat, Lord, of the elected,
You are the bread descended from Heaven.
You are the wine that germinates virgins,
You are for the weak the bread of the strong.
You are the guide to the banquet of Heaven,
You are the pledge of future glory.
How sweet, Lord, Your table!
How sweet your words!
We shall be brothers at the table of the Father,
We shall be one heart and one soul.

Jesus’ conversations with Giuseppina still continue.
The Lord insisted so much in having a little church built in the place so cherished by Him, where He first appeared in Gallinaro, which would serve as “Cradle for Him”, wanting to grant from it heavenly treasures to all souls.
One day, our Lord traced out to Giuseppina a luminous path, suspended in the air, and at the end of the path there was an arrow which indicated with precision the point where the construction was to be erected.
Jesus still today wants that “near that Cradle people should pray together to obtain from Him the desired graces, not only for the health of the soul but also for that of the body”.
In the little Cradle of Gallinaro, Giuseppina, with simplicity and sincere charity, receives pilgrims, exhorts them to conversion, to receive the Sacraments of Confession and of Holy Communion, and infuses them with unlimited trust in the goodness of Baby Jesus.
And really the graces multiply because God abides by His promises.
We may spontaneously ask ourselves whether Giuseppina acts independently from every verification.
No. She has made known from the beginning her spiritual experiences to the ecclesiastic diocesan authority, and relies totally on its judgement and ordinances. And this diocesan authority follows the facts with scrupulous diligence, and provides Giuseppina with a regular and prudent spiritual assistance.
But what can one think about the mission she states she received from the Divine Redemptor?
God has always manifested Himself and keeps manifesting Himself to His believers in different ways and grades and making a donation of His “charisms” to them.
We know that the Church of Christ, when more and when less, is continuously shaken by the Holy Spirit according to necessity, as it is demonstrated by the life of the saints and the past and present history of the Church.
And it is also the Holy Spirit who incites so many humble souls that, like lamps, illuminate the others that are immersed and lost in the haze of the world, thickened by satan and his satellites.
Lamps, placed by Christ, not because they shine of their own light, but of the light which God transmits them.
Numerous lights, so that God’s invincible mercy can also triumph in our times, in which we find ourselves facing the most dreadful attack of satan ever delivered before, against God and the Church: the continuous, desperate attempt to hamper the achievements of the kingdom of Christ on earth.
In such a tremendous attack, many cannot resist and abandon the field of God; they adhere foolishly to the prince of darkness, of impiety and of hate, precipitating in his same eternal damnation.
It is because of this reason that the Lord, in His infinite Mercy, multiplies the means of salvation using “repair souls” to bring back to faith those who have lost the true Way.
As for Giuseppina, invested with mystic charisms, by means of which she acts, she is fully aware of her role as an instrument.
Nothing of hers she says or executes if not what God communicates to her during the meetings with those who God Himself sends her.
Moreover, intent in her duties as a mother, in her daily work, she lives in union with God and her neighbours.
The trust in Giuseppina’s mission is due to the spiritual fruits this mission itself produces, besides the persistent and increasing afflux of all who direct their steps to the “Mystic Cradle” of Gallinaro, where Baby Jesus infuses trust, soothes pains, irradiates light, gives back faith, peace, love and leads to profound and stable conversion.
In that little church all meet truly the infinite tenderness of the Divine Saviour of the world.
Of course, there will always be someone who, having little faith, will have doubts concerning that Cradle; or someone who will commiserate her who has received the heavenly charge of making the Cradle shine to the eyes of human creatures, groping in the darkness of inequity, needful of exceptional signs of divine mercy in order to come out of it.
But these deriders are not aware that their rationalistic certainty breaks against the attestation of the Holy Spirit, that is “as long as man thinks that human reason can be the measure of all things, he will never understand the spiritual realities”. (1Cor 2,12-16).
They are fallacious judges and should not be followed.
The spiritual gifts or charisms, especially if they manifest themselves in God fearing persons, must not be refused systematically as it would lead to an aprioristic logic as well as heretical negation of the actions of the Holy Spirit in the Church.
Rather, one should consult, before passing judgments, the legitimate authority of the Church, the only one competent in discerning the true “spiritual gifts” from diabolical and human falsehoods.
Giuseppina declares to have made known, from their very beginning, her spiritual experiences to her Bishop, under whose guidance she acts with unconditional obedience.
And this is an assuring sign.
For His most saintly childhood, may our Lord Jesus bless us, protect us from all harm and lead us to eternal life.


*Mons. E. Cardarelli deceased on 1994