Conceived before Time was, Maria Giuseppa Norcia born January 21, 1940. Chosen by the Father for the fulfilment of His Plan of Love and Redemption for humanity, She lives Her whole life in intimate union with God, Who knowns Her since ever.

On June 13, 1947, in the place where the “Little Cradle” is now, She welcomes Baby Jesus in Her pure and stainless Heart, Who descended from Heaven by the Will of the Father.

Full of the Divine Presence, She grows confident and serene. May 15, 1974 is the Day of Her Marriage with Heaven. Thanks to Her faithful “yes” to the divine Will, the Father fulfils His Plan of Salvation for all humanity.

The Father leads Her, full of His grace, in being first Daughter, then Bride and then Mother.

Faithful woman to Her Lord, She embodies the virtues of Strength, Humility, Sweetness and Simplicity. For all women and for all men of good will, She is the living example of purity, obedience, and humility.

Through Her pure and spotless Heart, the Immaculate Mother of God and Her only-begotten Son consist and are loved in all hearts. In the Immaculate Conception the mystery of Mary is both human and divine, inscrutable and inaccessible.

On July 5, 2008, She renews Her “yes” to the Will of the Father, who calls Her to Heaven after thirty‑three years lived in prayer in the “Little Cradle of Baby Jesus”, where God has established His Home among the people and has placed His Tabernacle. Here is the New Jerusalem, the Column of Light, the White Island, the Castle of Souls, the Center of the Infinite Mercy, prepared for the Era of the Holy Spirit for the fulfilment of Peace.