Prayer of entrustment to the Father

Prayer of entrustment to the Father We sons of Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, to You Father we bow and prostrate, to thank You, to adore You and to love You. To You, Holy Father, we entrust this Holy Mother Church, Church of Christ, the only Way, the only Certitude, the only [...]

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To the Infant Jesus

To the Infant Jesus O Infant Jesus, our love, our salvation, our hope!You came down from Heaven to Earth to come and suffer for us.You have suffered so much and still are suffering for us!You who have wanted us to know Your immense Love and do not abandon those who turn to Your Love, [...]

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Supplication to Our Lady

Supplication to Our Lady «O celestial Mother, O pure Star of Heaven, Joy of our hearts, You who have made me know how vain worldly things are, how great divine things are, how sure eternal things are, how sad hell is, remove from sinners’ minds the darkness of error and evil. O [...]

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Almighty Father

Almighty Father revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia on April 15, 1982 Almighty Father, we offer You the sorrowful Passion of Jesus, His glorious Ascension to You, for these hard and difficult times. Lord, have mercy. (And then kiss the ground three times before retiring to bed)

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Divine Spirit

Divine Spirit revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia on April 15, 1982 Divine Spirit, Flood our souls with Your infinite Love, make our heart always burn with Divine Love, Jesus and Mary                    

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Grant us, O Virgin Mary

Grant us, O Virgin Mary requested by our Lady to Maria G. Norcia on May 8,  1983 Grant us Your Blessing, O Virgin Mary. Be always and everywhere blessed. Cover us always with Your mantle so the Enemy will not prevail over us. (three Hail Marys)             [...]

Grant us, O Virgin Mary2023-02-08T16:23:41+00:00
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