God the Father gives Mary Mother Church
to the world again to consecrate everyone
in the only Truth that saves


God the Father is the One who Is. In His omnipotence, the Father can do everything. For the Love of His children, in His infinite Mercy, God the Father gives Mary, His Woman, His Church to the world again (Rev. 12).

Mary is the Handmaid of the Lord. Mary is the Queen of Heaven and Earth, ready to give Her Gifts and pour out Her infinite Grace and Her infinite Love of Mother, Bride and Queen to all Her children.

The Father, in His infinite Mercy, has donated this Land of Love to humanity where He has established His Dwelling (Rev. 21). In this Land of Love, the Spirit of the Father is alive. The Father has entrusted His Dwelling to the motherly care of a Woman, Mary, entrusting to Her pure Heart all the children whom the Father’s Spirit over time and betimes has led to this House.

In this Land of Love, the Father has sent His Son, descended from Heaven to nourish in Spirit and Truth all His children with His Bread (Jn 15:26), a live, holy and spiritual Bread in order to feed the children of God and all those who are animated by good will.

In this Land of Love, God is worshiped in Spirit and Truth (Jn 14). In this Land of Love, Mary, Mother Church, is alive and welcomes Her children with motherly Love, so that, in this Church, every child may experience the warmth of the Father, the presence of His Son and the live Love of the Holy Spirit.

The Love of Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem is alive and ready to penetrate every heart, fiery, willing and yearning to fully know the Truth, so to undertake His way and to live His Mass, a live, uninterrupted and palpitating Mass, that will bring benefit and infinite holiness to everyone, to be redeemed from sins and to fully live in Christ the Lord.

Here is the Land of Love, here is the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21,1-2) donated by the Father so that every child that opens his heart to God the Almighty Father may receive the reward that will bring to live in eternity, with the Father, in Mary, so to be “children” and become as He is, for eternity.

From the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, the Light of Christ, Light for all people will be increasingly visible (Is 60). Mary, the Star that illuminates the path, will lead all those who are seeking for the Truth, in this Land of Love, where the Father has established His Tabernacle, the only Tabernacle, the only Lighthouse to acknowledge His Love. More and more the Light will advance from this House and from this Land of Love. The universal message of this House will cross every boundary, to give hope back to many who have lost it, to restore the desire to live the true sonship with God, One and Triune, and so to enjoy His Love forever.

Every barrier erected by the children of the evil one against the children of God, will be destroyed because nothing can withstand the power of the Son of God, who will lift up His arm and everything will be subjugated to His heart, so that this Mother Church, Mother Earth, New Jerusalem, may make Her embrace felt by all Her children and by all men and women of good will, so that through this Mother Church many may hear the voice of the Father again: all those, that are many, who have forgotten it; all those, that are many, who have suffered all kinds of violence because of the unfaithful men that have led many to abandon the true faith, and many to abandon the true Courtyard of the Church of Christ.

Jesus said to the Woman of God: «In the Church there are several courtyards: that of the priests, that of the “well-thinkers”, that of the traffickers: among these courtyards of the Church there is your Courtyard, the White Island, where I will defend the purity of Faith. In this new Temple, neither the Sanhedrin, nor the world will have authority, because I have preserved it exclusively for Myself, for what has to be fulfilled. His Mass, our Mass: the world will not understand». All what was to be done has been fulfilled, is fulfilling and will be more and more fulfilled.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is alive and gives Her holy fruits to the world, the fruits of the Father’s Love, the fruits of Mary’s Love.

In this holy day, in which the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem becomes ever more manifested to the world, the children of God invoke the blessing of God the Almighty Father, the One and Triune God, so that the Father may infuse His seal in the heart of all the children of this Church and of all men and women of good will (Rev. 7): the seal that brings all the children of God to be bound to the Lamb of God, Christ, the only Lamb (Rev. 14; 19: 6-8), who redeems and sanctifies, purifies and unites, welcomes and drives away. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.