The proselytism of the New Jerusalem

«Teach all nations in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Infuse in their hearts the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Unity, the Spirit of the One Who is alive, is present, is close. Impart the true Christian teachings to all those children who with love are approaching Here, to be able to live the direct contact with the One Who has created all things».

From the New Jerusalem, from this Angle of Paradise, the voice of the Holy Spirit of the Father breaks into all those hearts who surrendering to His Will, want to live a full life and a fiery and prolific Christianity that brings fruit, so that the infinite Grace that springs forth from this Land of Love, may fill the hearts and allow humanity to return to its original splendour.

In this Cradle of Love, living Tabernacle, the Father directly welcomes His children, all those children who give and will give priority to His will and His paternity, choosing to live in holiness, repudiating all what the world offers in an apparent gratuitousness but that concretely grips the hearts.

This is the choice of the holy people of God: people who have chosen God as Father and who have left the world, although living it without being seduced by its adulation.

Here is the choice of the White Island, the Island of Love, donated by the Father to His children to preserve the purity of the Christian faith. Here is the proselytism of this House, of this universal Church, that arrives to the hearts, touches the hearts, to make understood where the Truth is, what the Truth is and what moral and spiritual benefits it brings within.

This House will increasingly shine. This House will increasingly be the destination for many hearts that do not know, for many hearts that have forgotten and for other hearts that still want, even more, to live the authentic Christian teachings. What has already been said, is more and more concretised: the courtyard of Rome, the house that first was and now is no longer, is ever more emptied; the New Jerusalem, the House of the Children of God, fills more and more.

Here is the fruitful Spirit of the Father who welcomes more and more children to His supper. Other banquets remain empty, because there is nothing more to feast, nothing remains of the living Bread descented from Heaven, nothing left so to be nourished and to receive the daily Bread, that gives strength, gives substance and strengthens the hearts.

In God’s House, everything is alive, everything is fruitful, in the same extent that hearts are fruitful in their loving obedience, in their holiness, in order to grow higher in holiness, more and more, emulating the One who the Father has sent to bring everyone back to the perfect Christianity.

Here is the essence of Christianity: to make the essence of the Master, His teachings and His example of Life revive in every heart. This makes people choose God. This makes people put God in the first place, so refusing and always striving to refuse what the world daily offers: its adulations and its deceptions.

The words earlier proclaimed, now return: «Blessed are you who will be able to remain faithful to Christ’s teachings. Blessed are you who are pointed out and will be pointed out, because of His name. Continue, persevere, so to live right from now the Kingdom promised by the Father to His faithful children». Jesus and the Father will always be alongside God’s children. Mary Mother Church New Jerusalem will always and everywhere divulge the profound meaning of the loyalty towards all that belongs to the Father, without hesitation and without ambiguity.

The proselytism of the true children of God is now and always will be. It is the proselytism of the Church of those who will exhort everyone to remain faithful only and only to the One and Triune God, and to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; and to believe in Christ absolute Truth, not relative; and to believe in the universal catholic God; and to defend the purity of faith, the authentic Christian teachings, primarily the family so as conceived by the Father, and the sacredness of life.

This is the proselytism of the children of the New Jerusalem. And it is not the proselytism of who, in the courtyard of Rome, on one side states that it is a serious sin to try to convert the people to the true Christianity and on the other, with deception, is ferrying the boat into a new world religion that is no longer focused on Christ, the Cornerstone, but that has discarded Christ in order to worship the spirit of the one who is God’s enemy.

Mary Mother Church New Jerusalem will always welcome all those who, with “heart” and “will”, want to live and defend the true Christian faith, so to lead all God’s children and all men and women of good will, to the Merciful and Holy Heart of God the Almighty Father.