Appeal of the Universal Christian Church

For peace in Syria and peace in the world;
for the defence of Alfie Evans’ life, of Vincent Lambert’s life
and of the lives of all innocent people;
and for the awakening of all consciences against the Apostasy of the Church of Rome

April 15, 2018

Life is a gift. The sacred gift of God. And no man has the right to violate it or to suppress it. No man can take God’s place, as it has been already stated by this Church in the Communiqués of Magisterium “The gift and respect for life” (23 November 2016) and “Life is the holy Gift of the Father. Woe to who stifles the freedom of God’s sons” (2 August 2017).

In these hard and difficult times, humanity is increasingly confused. In many countries of the world, hatred and violence grow and the culture of death is supported by the approval of human laws.

In this context, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem wants to address Her heartfelt appeal to the consciences of all Christians, of all wise people and of all the men and women of goodwill of this world, so to make understand that the culture of death, justified by policies and human laws, will generate only grief and lamentation. This appeal becomes even more necessary in the light of the fine and empty words of the man who, despite the potentiality and the moral authority that many recognized him, does nothing concrete to defend the authentic values that are the foundation of every civil coexistence: Peace and Life. Christ, the Son of God, won against death so to give true Life. 
«Men and women, awaken your consciences. Reject the culture of death and defend the true Life».

  1. Peace is the supreme value that every Nation must pursue. The Universal Christian Church makes Her voice strongly heard in proclaiming today with clarity and without any ambiguity: “No more wars”. Neither in Syria nor elsewhere. War brings death.

  2. No Institution can be indifferent to the death sentences for many suffering people: Alfie Evans, a two-year-old child whose life has been judged “futile” and therefore “useless” by the Judges of the UK “High Court”; Vincent Lambert, in France, the father of a nine-year-old girl, sentenced to death by a hospital doctor; and many others. No man, however eminent, can consider or judge a human life as “futile”. No human being can decide if and when a person can live or must die. Life must be defended, protected and loved. Without ifs and buts. To no father and no mother, the indisputable right to defend to the end the lives of their sons can be denied.

He who in front of such dramatic events, despite the moral authority that many recognize him, does not go any further than saying flimsy and superficial phrases and appeals rather than strongly defending the value of peace and life, becomes an accomplice of a system that acts in defence of peace and life only in words, but in fact it promotes the culture of death, especially for the innocents, the smallest and the weakest ones.

No one facing the danger of a planetary war can say what he thinks people want to hear, without really saying anything concrete. This is what, now as then, we must strongly shout to the whole world: “No more war!”

No one, and for all the more reason the Roman pontiff, can justify the “end of life” decisions for the suffering people and likewise allow his own words to be “used” to justify a sentence of death issued by judges who promote euthanasia, that can never be considered as a defence of the dignity of life. Every pontiff of the true Church, who recognizes himself in Christ who is Life, must deny such exploitation and strongly make a public proclaim: “Euthanasia is a crime”.

No one can turn his eyes elsewhere in front of the heartfelt appeal of the father of a two-year-old child “held prisoner”, that asks for asylum in the Vatican to cure his own son. While the welcoming of the migrants is promoted, Catholics are not welcomed at all, left to their cruel destiny. He who has the moral authority to act, must raise his voice in defence of the little, the helpless, the weakest and all the suffering people, even challenging governments and nations, showing to be at the side of all those who want to defend the value of the Family and the sacredness of Life, as they were conceived by God: pillars and foundations of the House of true Christians and of every man and woman of good will.

The true “culture of waste” is that of who does nothing to save the lives of the innocent ones and does not strongly react to the shocking statement of those who consider the human life of the suffering ones as “futile”.

The true divine Mercy of God is a different thing. Christ is Peace. Christ is Love. Christ is Life.

May the consciences of all people wake up and may all the wise people take a stand and become promoters of a new culture that truly promotes peace among the peoples and the defence, with no ifs or buts, of the sacred and inviolable value of Life of every human being, starting from the conception until God will want.

May the sages of all peoples and nations openly acknowledge the Apostasy of the Church of Rome, so to awaken the hearts and consciences of many men and women from a lethal numbness so that the Love for Peace and for Life, gift of God, may clear the fog that grips the hearts and minds of many; and so to proclaim with strength, wisdom and holiness that the desolation, which pervades the hearts and consciences of many, is taking place, as it had been foretold by Jesus in the Gospel.

Only in this way, the sons of God and all men and women of goodwill, can continue to feel inside their heart the living Flame of the burning Love of God the Father Almighty, Who will never abandon His sons and all the creatures that trust in Him with a sincere heart. Only in this way, we all, Christians and non-Christians, men and women of goodwill, may be able to defend, together with all our strength, the greatest gift that the Creator has given to this humanity: the sacred gift of Life.