The power of God will win Babylon
and make triumph the Church of Christ

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, Mystical Body of Christ, will even more make the Christian authenticity shine, which can never be darkened by a religious obscurantism remained faithful only to itself, that has permanently lost the loyalty in the true God.

The enemy of God will never turn the light of Christianity off. The darkness of Babylon, which already grips the Church of Rome, more and more will fall; and for Babylon there will be hard and tremendous days, because day after day the Church of Rome, without shame or fear, perseveres in challenging and confronting God and all those who abandon themselves in God. All this does nothing more than increase the distance between the Church of Rome and God the Father Almighty. The church of Rome is leading people to converge towards a pure and total falsehood, emptying the significance of the Christian essence that no longer lives in that house, which, in full Apostasy, has lost faith and made inept many hearts.

Dreadful will be the Judgment of God on the Church of Rome, because the affront to the things that belong to the Father, is total. The assets of Babylon will be marred by the Power of God. What is past, will fall even more, bringing along with it the ruin of that house. The punishment of God will duly strike Babylon, to make the Truth arise, so that the Truth may be seen and loved, appreciated and recognized, to show the world the true Light, Christ, the Saviour of the world, the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life, the One who saves, the Envoy of the Father that leads to Salvation, the One descended from Heaven to lead everyone to contemplate what is holy and must remain holy.

The Father, Good and Holy, Merciful and Just, wants to infuse in the hearts of His children, His security and strength, His solace and His closeness so that – although in the trial and suffering – the true children of God may remain strong in true Faith, saint in the Prayer, faithful to the Holy Law of the Father and obedient to the living Will of the Son, in order to be instructed and guided by the Holy Spirit, without being frightened of any movement for the destruction of Babylon and her iniquity.

On one side, the drifting of a house will be lived more and more, a house that first was and now no longer is; on the other side, the White Island, wanted by the Father, will be lived to ferry the pure of heart, people of good will, all those who have kept the true Christian teaching alive in their heart, all those who remained clung to the Word of God, true and holy. They will inhabit the White Island, the Holy City wanted by the Father to preserve, in the world, the purity of faith. Mary, Mother Church, will welcome the exile and refugee children that, fleeing from Babylon, will seek and find solace and refuge under the Holy Mantle of Mary: Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem.