Christ’s Manifestation

In this solemn and holy day of the manifestation of Christ, light of all nations, the Spirit of the Father descends to the blessed Land, Land of Love, to lavish His infinite grace on each child, to lavish His live vicinity to every heart; and to give to every heart His live comprehension of Father, of Son and of Holy Spirit.

The Father welcomes every child that comes to this Land of Love to listen, to receive and to live the Spirit of the Son of the living God.

The Spirit of the Father manifests His Son, gives His Son, so that His Holiness, His live Love, His live being may penetrate in every heart that burns to fulfil His Will.

In this day of manifestation, the lowering process to the true God begins. For those who do not welcome the Word of God, there will be a submission induced by the Merciful Justice of the Father. For all those who open their hearts and welcome the Word of the Saviour, in this day of manifestation, there will not be a submission that oppresses but a live and total lowering to Christ, to be raised at the presence of the Father. So that, at the name of Christ, every knee bows and every tongue proclaims that Jesus Christ is the Lord, to the praise of God the Father (Phil 2,10-11).

The Father, today, in this Cradle of Love effuses His Spirit, so that many hearts may be redeemed and others may receive His joy, so that the live and full sentiment of total surrender to His Will, may revive in other hearts.

God the Almighty Father manifests the live essence and live substance of the Spirit of Christ, so that Christianity may return to being the essential base of each child’s life, so that the process of de‑Christianization of the peoples may find a true bulwark in the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem and may so be won, by live obedience, by holy participation and total willingness to manifest Christ, light of all peoples, to the whole world.

On this day, humanity will experience the presence of God’s people. The people of God on their journey, will route all the nations. The people of God will lead every heart that is seeking the Truth, to live the real presence of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, so that the Father’s Cradle, Land of Love, may shine in the hearts of many; and so that many may increasingly welcome the universality of the Christian message, that, in the Universal Christian Church of New Jerusalem, Church of Christ, live Church, more and more will be heard.