Church of Christ:
the Cradle of the Father, Fire of Love

On this solemn and holy day, God the Father Almighty opens the door of His Heart to welcome every child that is seeking the Truth, every child that is seeking Life, every child that, with Goodness of heart, is united to the Father’s Heart to receive His infinite love and His live care. The Father welcomes in His Heart every child yearning to discover the Truth, every child seeking the Way that leads to His heart, every child that wants to live in holiness, every child that wants, with ardour and live will, to join to His Heart: to join and live in His live sentiment of brotherhood and truth.

The door of the Father’s Heart is the Church of Christ. A Church that is open to every child who, yearning to live, to practice and to espouse the Truth, wants to live in harmony, in sanctity, and to be in the live and holy Goodness. God the Almighty Father, One and Triune God, lives to make every child live in the Heart of Mary, She who gave Her Life, She who welcoming the Word of the Father, has given Her Divine Son to the world. The Father, today as yesterday, invites everyone to be in the search of His Divine Child again. As well as those guided by the Star of the Father came to the presence of the Son of God, now humankind of good will start their journey searching for the Son of God, a journey that will lead them, in Spirit and Truth, to practice the straight Path, and rediscover the Christian sentiments. The teachings of Christ do not and will never wane. The teachings of Christ are essence and substance that make us live a righteous and holy life and transmit the whole Truth with live, live, live will.

The Church of Christ is salvation for the whole world. The Church of Christ is the welcoming house. The Church of Christ is She who restores the order and the Covenant between the Father and His children. The Church of Christ is the Father’s Cradle. The Church of Christ is the New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem is the outstretched hand of the Father towards all those who want to consist in the Father to be pure, true and saint. The Church of Christ is the Cradle of the Father: a Father that looks, scrutinizes and welcomes, to give eternal Life; and a Father that looks, scrutinizes and does not welcome those who, by not welcoming His divine Son, practice a contorted, arid and empty life, a life without the Love of Christ and Mary. Church of Christ: the Father’s Cradle, Fire of Love. The Father’s Cradle: Eternal Maiden. The Father’s Cradle: Way, Truth and Life. Mankind must practice the true Way, contemplate the Truth, live the Goodness to be in Life all one in Christ the Lord.

This is the essence of Life that is renewed in every heart that wants to remain united to Christ. Here is the Life that is embraced, lived, loved in order to shine with the Light of Christ, in order to effuse His Light, to be burning torches of the Sun of Christ that will never fade. Church of Christ: timeless and eternal, Land of Love, where the Light of the world shines, a Light that unravels the darkness and spreads Joy, Peace, Sincerity and Love, so that the true, holy, pure and essential celestiality, may be practiced in harmony.

This is what the Father wants to instil in the heart of every child of goodwill, in the heart of every child that, fighting against the world, disappearing to the eyes of the world, winning the world, will eternally receive His Grace.

As well as all those who have annulled themselves, and have been fought by the world for the love of Truth, even now, all men and women of goodwill and all the true children of God, are in Christ for Christ, with Christ. The loyalty of Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, towards Christ is alive and will be increasingly alive, more and more, increasingly alive; She that with motherly care radiates and fills the Creation with Strength, Sweetness, Humility and Simplicity, to make coexist and consist every child that in Her Heart asks for Life.

In this solemn and holy day, this is the message of the Father’s Cradle, Tabernacle of Love, donated by the Father to harmonize every heart willing to do His Will and, at the same time, to annihilate all those who practice infidelity. «Come, let us adore the Lord; come out and proclaim His Name; come, because Life Is». And may the Father’s blessing come upon the Church of Christ. And all those who will invoke His Name, will be saved. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.