Easter: to converge in Christ
in order to rise to a new Life

Who seeks refuge in the Love of Christ, will receive shelter from the love of Christ.

Who wants to fall asleep in the Heart of Christ, will find peace in the Heart of Christ.

Who wants to quench his thirst, will experience the joy of the relief of Christ.

Who wants to be understood and loved by Christ, will truly find what he has lost.

Who loves Christ, will know the whole Truth and will be called brother of Christ.

Here is, in simplicity, the resurrection in Christ, living Bread come down from Heaven to redeem sins and not to conform to the sins of the world, raising hearts to break the chains of sin, so that every heart, receiving the oxygen of the Father, His essence, His holiness, may shine, live and love.

Here is the Easter of the Son of God: to be for every heart and in every heart, so that every heart may abandon the old life and be immersed in the Life which is Christ. This is the resurrection: to get rid and abandon what is past in order to live what Christ gives.

God’s Home is alive; God’s Home is ready. God’s Home among people, calls every child yearning to live It, to give holiness to every heart. The world is listening. And a voice is heard from God’s Home, so that all the children of God and all men and women of goodwill, may hear the universal message: «Be ready, be careful, be alive, as the Spirit of Christ is alive; be ready to recognize Him, to welcome Him, to live Him, in order to be called by Him. Have in yourselves the same His sentiments, so that you may have the courage to recognize Him, because He is in your midst».

From this House, the Spirit of the Father radiates and calls every child of goodwill to return to the right path that leads to the Father’s Heart. «Reverse the route, reverse your path. Again, convert to God’s Word, that will unravel the fog and will bring you back in His Courtyard, the Courtyard of God’s Love, of the infinite Love of God, where there is no lie and where there is no wickedness: the White Island, where the purity of faith is intact».

A great vacuum will suck the world. «Be on alert, children of God; for you who have continued to believe, obey and live the teachings of the Father: the Light awaits you. For all the detractors, for all those who have abused of the Law of God, for all those that led to sin: the Father’s wrath will strike you».

«To you, “Babylon”: the punishment of the Father is imminent».

And the Mother Church will rise to open Her doors to the world.

In this day of Resurrection, as Pontiff of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, I call on all those who live the Spirit of this Church and on all people of goodwill, the blessing of God the Father Almighty, so that His forgiveness and His grace, may cancel the sins of His children, so that they may live Eternal Life. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.