Freedom granted by the Father

The Freedom of the Father is to make live in true brotherhood all men and creatures, created by the Father and become children through the blood of the Son of God that, despite His salvific sacrifice, has been misunderstood, bartered and taunted.

The Freedom of the Father makes people holy. The Freedom of the Father given to men, granted the sonship, not the subjection to the prince of this world. Freedom, by its true meaning, leads to be many little Jesus, true Man and true God. This is the true meaning of Freedom given by the Father. The true freedom of God, if used in a holy way and understood in the intimate, leads to live this. In the beginning, men were free to contemplate God’s face, to speak and to live Him.

Nowadays the freedom the Father has given to men has been shaken. The freedom the Father has given to men has been badly understood. The freedom the Father has given to men has been taken away from many by deception.

By the New Jerusalem, the Father wants to give His original thought back to the world and to renew all things. In the Land of Love chosen by the Father everything will be restored to the initial originality. And all those who surrender to the Will of the Father, will experience the true freedom. On the example of Mary, the humble and eternal Maiden of God, the children of God will give back to the Father the freedom received, relying on the Father and His Will. «Lord, do of me as You please, may Your will be done». And by the example of who the Father has called, with one voice the people of God will proclaim: «To You my Lord, I offer my life, my everyday life. Make me worthy to partake in Your Love to win in Your Name».

All this, for many, is like a fairy tale. For many, this is impossible, because they see the boundaries of this world far from the Center of God’s infinite Mercy, that He has given to men in the Land of Love. A live and true Mercy that the Father gives and will give to all His children and to all men and women of good-will that arrive in the White Island and in heart will sincerely ask for forgiveness. The New Jerusalem is the Center of the infinite Mercy of God.

The Father’s Work is holy. Who comes from God is holy. The children who come from Mary’s Heart are holy. Who is called by the Father and respects His Will, is holy. Because of this, the Father’s Mercy becomes Justice when the freedom of men wants to rage against the Father’s House. To them the Spirit of the Father will shout: «Away! The Father does not know you».

Here is the White Island, given to God’s children to welcome those who want to be little in the Father’s eyes. God’s little sheeps will arrive in the New Jerusalem and they will contemplate what the Father has prepared for them. Many will return to Life. Many will live. As announced by the Woman of God, chosen by the Father to fulfil His Plan of Love and Redemption, many will be the people who will come to God’s mountain. The People will climb the Holy Mount of God and will find rest, shelter, comfort for their suffering.

Praises will rise and the world will hear the melody of Love that radiates from this Land to manifest the only Covenant wanted by the Father and renewed in God’s Spirit and in the living spirit of the children of Mary, She who is the most beautiful, the most pure. Contemplating Mary and Her Immaculate Heart, the children of God will receive the seed of eternal youth. And the children of God will no longer be slaves of this world and of all that comes from the heart of the enemy of God but will be free, finally and forever free.