Mary is born to allow God’s children
to come back to Life


God has poured out all His Love of Father, of Son and of Holy Spirit into the Heart of Mary, She who is God’s Mother and ours, She who has kept nothing for Herself but has donated and lavished the Love She received on humanity, the whole humanity. On the day of Her Nativity, humanity receives the Mother and the Motherhood. In Mary, this humanity is no longer orphan but has become daughter.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem invites every child to understand and to love Mary, Her infinite Love of humble and faithful Handmaid, so that the Love of Mary and the love for Mary, may become the strong points for every Christian in reaching out to everyone, in proclaiming Her Name, and in allowing all nations to know and love Her Immaculate Heart of Daughter, of Bride, and of the being God’s Mother.

Mary, God’s gift to this arid and lost humanity, is born to give life to a new sentiment in God’s children: the Love towards Her Son Jesus, the Saviour, sent by the Father to bring this humanity back to the original Thought of the Father, that in His Son is manifested.

More than ever, the conjunction and the continuity that tie Mary to Christ are alive: the conjunction and the continuity that start from the Mother’s Bosom to arrive to the Heart of Her Son, who fights in Spirit and Truth to defend the Name of Mary, so to allow this lost humanity to find the Way refuging in that Heart, to be regenerated and ready to be raised to the presence of God.

This means pronouncing the Name of Mary and praising Her Name. This is what the Father wants to hear, so as to not hear the contemptible voice of who, in another house that first was and now no longer is, now names Mary, mistreats Mary, profanes Mary, and uses Mary for other purposes so to approach and to weaken the hearts.

The children of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem are called to bow to Mary, with perfect devotion and sonship, with reverence and respect, for the infinite Love that is due to the Creature which by the means of Grace, has become divine. The Name of Mary must be the strength, the passion, and the live will to espouse Her Immaculate Heart and to live in the Sign generated by Her Motherly Bosom.

Just as Mary kept nothing for Herself, the children of God and the men and women of good‑will are called today, on the example of Mary, to have an open heart for everyone, and to make their heart ready to the Father’s Will: in this way the Love passes through their hearts in order to fill the hearts of everyone, thereby permitting the love of Christ’s children not to be a sterile love any longer but a fruitful love that brings fruit and regenerates every heart to Christ, the only true Love.

The Love of Mary unites, accompanies and urges to surrender to the Will of Her Son, with heart and will. «Do whatever He tells you» (Jn 2: 5), Mary says to the faithful servants.

Mary and Christ. There can never be Mary without Christ, there can never be Christ without Mary. The Name of Mary cannot be loved without loving the Name of Christ. And the Name of Christ cannot be loved without loving the Name of Mary. These two names cannot be separated. Only one is the Name: God.

In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem everything is merged. This Mother Church will broaden the understanding of many, yet anchored to a past thought and to a tradition that cannot explain the dynamism of God’s Thought: a Thought that advances. A total comprehension is necessary to not lose the time to understand what the Father now unveils and reveals, to not lose the moment in remaining anchored to the thought that the Father cannot renew His Covenant because of the betrayal of those who should not have betrayed the Father’s Spirit. And again, the Father has renewed His Covenant in this Land of Love, the White Island, where the purity of faith Is.

Here it is that God’s Words will never pass: «When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?» (Lk 18: 8).

The children of this Mother Church are called to feed the faith in the true God, the faith in Christ, the only Saviour of the world, so to counter the project of the church of Rome that has betrayed the Father, has betrayed Mary, has betrayed Christ, in order to unite all the people in a new world‑based religious philosophy that doesn’t put Christ in the centre anymore, but wants to unite everything and everyone indiscriminately.

Mary is born to generate Christ, the Son of God, so that all the people, believing in Him, can find salvation. Mary is born again in the hearts of Her children so that the only Plan of salvation wanted by the Father for this humanity may be manifested, so that Truth may shine and clear the fogs voluntarily created in the hearts and make faith triumph over deceit and bring the people back to God, to the one God, to the One and Triune God that is manifested in the Trinitarian Mystery.

Understanding this, everyone can understand that God will never be defeated; that God will never abandon His people; that God, in His omniscience, was already well aware of the betrayal of the courtyard of Rome and therefore He has betimes preserved and prepared everything so that the Holy Courtyard of the Church of Christ, the White Island, the Center of the Infinite Mercy of the Father, could arise and manifest Itself, so to continue to donate Light, the Light of Christ that will never be extinguished.

Here is the enthusiasm that it is to spring from the heart of the children of Mary: to feel fully part and united with the Courtyard of God’s Church, with the House of God, with the Mystery of God, with all those who live the Mystery of God, to be one with the Heart of Mary; so that all those who the Father has entrusted, entrusts and will entrust them, may be consecrated in Truth to Christ, that in Spirit and Truth leads the Mystery of God; therefore to be united with the Tools of God, that are those who make the Church wanted by the Father to be loved, known and appreciated; and so to allow the Project of Salvation desired by the Father to be accomplished in fullness.

God’s children place themselves completely at the disposal of the Father’s Will, with full availability of heart, of thought and of action. Nothing and no one will even think of weighing on God’s Tools. Here it is that they claim nothing but give everything because, on the example of Mary, they understand the sacrifice of those who become God’s Tools and rely on the Father’s Will, starting from the little things up to achieving the ultimate target: be regenerated in Mary, to be able to live the Kingdom of God; so that, with Mary, everything may be fulfilled; so that, for Mary, everyone may continue to love the Fruit of Her Bosom, the One who, for Love of His Father and for Love of Her who is Mother, will give fulfilment to everything.