In Mary the Father’s thought returns to the origin

In Mary, the words of the Father are fulfilled. All those who come to the New Jerusalem and ask with a sincere heart, will receive Here the graces that the Father has promised to give. In the Land of Love, donated by the Father to humanity, many hearts have been healed. The action of the Holy Spirit, that in the New Jerusalem is alive, has healed, heals and will heal many hearts. Feast in Heaven, liberation for many hearts! 

All those who come to this Land of Love with openness of heart, will be in communion with the Father, Who, through the Holy Spirit, speaks, nourishes, saves. They will experience His Love, so to live a true and deep holiness, and will be able to understand His Divine Love.

Mary rejoices for every child who, with confidence and sincere heart, comes to the New Jerusalem, that is the Center of the Father’s Mercy. Great is the Father’s carefulness to save those who, in front of the living Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, recognize themselves as sinners, ask for forgiveness and return to the true Life. Great feast in Heaven for every sinner who converts.

This is what this Mother Church will do. Who lives the world, is attentive to the sirens of this world. Whoever lives God, will hear the sound of the trumpets of the Father’s angels, who musters His children in the Mother Church, so to announce the Way, the Truth and the Life again. In Mary, everything is fulfilled. With Mary, everything is recapitulated. For Mary, everything returns to the original Thought of the Father.

This is what was in the pure Heart of Mary and that She, in Her lively prayer, has incessantly asked the Father: to return to the origin, so that His thought could be understood, lived and put in practice by the children of God who have arrived, arrive and will arrive in the Land of Love, in the White Island, in the New Jerusalem, by His own Call.

In this day, the Grace is alive. Great is the feast in Heaven. Mary’s intercession is alive. Many chains are breaking. And the sound of the falling chains re-echoes. Many sinners convert and return to live in Christ. Many wounds are healed. Everything will be known. And the signs of the Father, given to the children through Mary’s intercession, will be live and tangible.

«O you that profess to know everything! O you that announce to be those who know the Father! O you that say to be those who obey the law of the Father! All of you that are attached to tradition and that would be ready to do everything you can for the sake of it! You will lose it all, because in the Land of Love, in the New Jerusalem, freedom is sovereign and the spiritual lightness is alive».

In Her Heart, Mary safeguards the heart of every child that the Father has entrusted to Her. And She takes care of them so that each child may be consecrated in Truth. Never should anybody dare to separate the Heart of the Mother from the heart of Her child. Mary knows everything and everyone. She well knows those who first threw a stone but now say to have accompanied and respected Her. She keeps live memory of these people and is waiting for them. Mary looks forward and awaits everyone, to give the right joy and reward to all those who live, love and persevere and to all those who have remained faithful to this Mystery of Love. 

In the hearts of Her children, Mary infuses Her security, Her pride and Her gladness. The Mass is alive, uninterrupted and palpitating. The Spirit of Christ is alive. This is what the children of this Mother Church, that is the New Jerusalem, have received. This is the Communion: to have the Spirit, to drink His living water, to be fed by the Spirit, by His words, the essential nourishment of hearts and souls. Those who want to continue to live the Divine Mystery by wanting to understand It only by human reasoning, will lose the taste of living this Mystery, because they will not understand Its essence. Those who open their hearts, will understand the infinite Love that flows from His Heart, because this Love is alive, It’s holy, It’s Person.

Now as then, humanity is stubborn. Poor arguments are used as pretexts to show to the world that here the Christian doctrine is not observed any longer. But many have forgotten that the true doctrine is the Spirit of Christ. Everything is submitted to the Spirit of the Father. There is no tradition in front of the vigorous action of the Spirit of God. Tradition belongs to the world. The Holy Spirit is free to animate, to renew and to make the Mass be lived in Its essence. The Mass: coparticipating in the Saviour’s action.  

«Rejoice, holy people of God! Exult you small, because you have found favour with your Lord. The Spirit of the Lord guides His people. He will feed his flock and rule with iron sceptre (Rev. 12,5; 19,15). His sceptre will be an olive twig (Gen 8,11) for His people; and it will be axe (Mt 3: 10-12) for those who oppose His action». 

The Love of Mary towards Her children is total. The closeness of Mary is alive towards all those who recognise themselves giving their heart to this Mother Church. Mary, the humble Handmaid who bows Her head in front of Her Lord, and, with loving obedience, serves the King of kings, will always intercede with the Father, for Love of His faithful children, those who on this holy day rely on Her to fulfil His Will through to the end: «I rely on You Do not leave me alone. Do with me as You please. May Your will be done».