Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit

Mary is the Mother of grace. Mary is the purity made Person. Mary, She that is Immaculate through the power of the Holy Spirit.

On the day of the Nativity of Mary, humanity received motherhood again. On that day, humanity once again was entrusted to a Mother, the Mother, Mary, the Coredemptrix of God. On that Day of great Mystery, the Feast on Earth and in Heaven was extraordinary. In Mary, the Mystery of God begins. Mary, the most beautiful Work of the Creator.

All those who, with true Love, with total devotion, with live awareness, invoke and pronounce the name of Mary, will experience the grace of belonging to Her who is Mother, the Mother of God, the Universal Mother, that has entrusted all Her children to Her Jesus, Christ. Those who entrust and consecrate themselves to Mary and to Her Immaculate Heart, will participate in the victory of God and of His children. The children of God, live and advance “for” Mary, “in” Mary and “with” Mary. Mary wins every doubt. Mary wins every pitfall. In Mary, there is God.

The children of God consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in order to consecrate all those who are animated by goodwill to Christ, the only Truth. «O Mary, Mother of Jesus and mine, I consecrate myself to You, so that all those who the Father has entrusted, is entrusting and will entrust me, will be consecrated in Truth and take part, in full form, to the Plan of Love and Redemption for the glory and honour to the Father». Only in Christ, God’s children will participate in full form to the Plan of Salvation of the Father. Mary is the key that opens the Heart of the Father, to make the children of God and all humankind of goodwill, live the Mystery of Salvation, inscrutable and inaccessible Mystery, that is fulfilled in the renewal of the Sacrifice of Christ.

Everything already was in the Heart of Mary. Everything already was in Her Heart of Child, Eternal Maiden, Handmaid and Bride faithful to Her Lord. The Light that defeats the darkness already was, is and always will be in Mary, to make Her children live the Kingdom of God. The scriptures are fulfilled. Everything is manifested. The Plan of Love and Redemption of the Father Is.

This is the spirit that animates the children of Christ: the belonging, the daily trust and the total surrender to the Father’s Will, in order to win on every deceit, because God the Almighty Father can do everything; God the Almighty Father wins on everything; God the Almighty Father gives everything to those who, with faith, totally rely and consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit. She who has spiritually generated Her only-begotten Son, through the Holy Spirit, in the hearts of Her children. The sonship of the children of God is renewed in Mary. In Christ, with Christ and for Christ, the children of God, with courage, sacrifice and passion, will bring the Immaculate Heart of Mary to triumph, in order to win on the iniquity, to win on the apostasy, to win on the deception, for the triumph of the Holy Mother Church, Mary, the New Jerusalem.

Mary is the Mystery of God. The Mystery of God is Unfathomable. The Mystery of God is Invincible. This is the dignity which must be manifested by every child that belongs to Christ, that belongs to the Woman of God. The children of God, with passion and courage, will face every test, putting their own will in the Father’s hands, with confidence and filial surrender, in order to be reinforced and to manifest the dignity of being children of God. The dignity that, through Mary, has been given back to every child of God.

Mary, Mother Church, today and forever, I consecrate myself to You.