Mary, the Universal Mother,
embraces and protects Her children


Mary, the Mother Church, the Universal Mother, embraces and holds tightly to Herself all the children that have placed their trust in Christ, giving their heart to Christ so to find it again in the Father.

Mary, as the messenger of Joy, Peace, Sincerity and Love, infuses in the heart of every child, the trust in Christ, the Son sent by the Father for His infinite Love, so that every child of Mary may be consecrated in Truth and the Father’s thought brought back to the origin, through Christ.

The Father gathers His children together in this Land of Love, where the living Tabernacle is, so that salvation may be total in Jesus, and all those who are yearning to know the Son of God may encounter and know Him in Spirit and Truth, so to come back again to live the Truth and to fully know the Spirit that proceeds from the Father and, through the Son, comes to the heart of those who want to live the true Christian teaching, that will never be sold‑off and never watered‑down but that will ever more be lived and made known in fullness.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem will never sell‑off Christ, the Stone, that has been discarded again by the new builders of a false temple, a false doctrine, that would want to unite all the existing “religions” in a new world “religion”. Only one is the religion: Christ. Christ the Cornerstone (Mk 12:10), Christ the Master, Christ the only Saviour, Christ the only Son of the Father.

Mary, She who is Mother, the Queen of the House of Christians, observes and carefully watches over every heart. Mary welcomes Her children’s prayers, and takes them, purified by the Love of Christ, to the Father’s Heart, so that His infinite Love and His infinite Mercy of Good and Just Father, may reward every child who has placed all his trust in this Land of Love.

In the Land of Love, every promise of the Father comes true and will come true. All that the Father has promised will be brought to completion. In the heart of everyone, Mary Mother Church, New Jerusalem, infuses the courage, the trust and the abandonment to Christ, descended from Heaven to bring everyone back to the straight path. True Christians have full awareness of Christ’s Love, donated by the Father for all His children. True Christians have the live virtues of God in their hearts: the Virtues that will bring the holy order and the discipline back to everyone.

In the Land of Love, holiness will never fade. A flash of lightning will pass, and the Dwelling of God will win. The dead leaves, no longer fed by God’s lymph, will fall. The waters that do not lead to the straight path, will be drained. But the Light of Christ will continue to shine on the Holy City. Christ’s true teachings will never come to an end in the heart of God’s children, the more their will to surrender to the Father’s Thought and to remain faithful to His Commandments, will be alive.

«Children of God! Let the Light of Christ clothe you. Chase away every pitfall; chase away the temptation that haunts the hearts and makes the action of the Holy Spirit vain. Be watchful and holy, as Holy is His Name. Be confident in the mission of this House, wanted by the Father to fulfil His promises, to realize the Project of Salvation for Humanity».