Mary’s Assumption to Heaven


Mary is the Immaculate Conception. The Immaculate of the Holy Spirit. Whoever is desiring to savour the purity of faith, bows before Mary, the faithful Handmaid. Whoever is desiring to rediscover the fragrance of a live faithfulness, honours Mary. Whoever is desiring to savour the freshness of faith that Is in Mary, comes to Her Bosom so to be moulded again and to rediscover the taste of the life of Her Fruit, the Son of God, and hence live the maternal Grace.

Mary is the Assumed to Heaven. The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the day of the motherly Grace and the feast of Her who is assumed to Heaven and that guards and nourishes Her children with Her infinite Love. Whoever is desiring to live Heaven, lives Her Heart. Whoever is desiring to dwell in Her, lets themself be clothed and purified in the Spirit by Her grace. God’s children and all those who are animated by goodwill, quench their thirst at His live Font to rediscover the taste of a clear, fresh and holy water, that flows from the Bosom of Mary to reach the heart of every child yearning to know Christ’s Truth.

The Assumption of Mary to Heaven is the day of Sublime Holiness, the day of great feast in Heaven and on Earth, the day in which all humanity is called to find themself in Mary.

«People of God! Be you again the announcers of Mary’s beatitude. Be you those who make humanity rediscover the Marian delights, Her loyalty, Her silence and Her humility of heart. In prayerful silence, Mary has won, with Her being an example of pure loyalty, of loving obedience and of total docility to the fatherly will. She is the Assumed to Heaven. And every child that believes in Her, is believing in the Father’s Heart. Every child asking Her for protection, will find the Father’s live glance of Love. Every child surrendering to Her Heart, will receive salvation through the Son of God, born of Mary to give His live Kingship to all His children. In this time of live and total holiness, may Her humbleness characterize and grow even more in the children of Her heart, the children of the New Jerusalem, renewed by Her grace, renewed and fortified by Her faithfulness».

Here is the feast! She who crushed the serpent, is raised to the glory of the Father. She who continues to crush the head of the serpent, will raise Her children to the glory of the Father. The more the filial abandonment to the fatherly Will is alive, the stronger the resistance to every temptation will be. On the day in which the feast of the Assumption is celebrated, the temptations are won, so to become new flowers of the Garden of the Father. Mary, the humble Handmaid, the faithful Woman. All the people will have to come close to Her to be able to receive the Mystery of the Child God, descended from Heaven in the Land of Love to fulfil the Plan of Love and Redemption for humanity as wanted by the Father.

Heaven Earth: one only thing. Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, clothed by the grace of the Father, overflowing with the Holy Spirit, crowned by His Stars. The Queen of Heaven and Earth has won the world continuing to daily repeat: «Here is the Handmaid of the Lord. Do of me what pleases You». Mary is the sublime Work of the Father, the fatherly Work donated to the world so that humanity may reach Heaven.

You cannot live holiness, you cannot live the Mystery of the New Jerusalem without moving through Mary, without acknowledging Mary, without relying on Her motherly care. Without Her no one can arrive to the Saviour. Where there is not and there will not be a total abandonment to His Mother, the Saviour passes and goes ahead. This is what is in the Father’s Heart, and that is manifested in the Feast of the Assumption: a day of infinite holiness, a day of motherly grace, so that Mary’s Mercy may touch the Hearts and restore in them the splendour of a living and holy faith. The Father laid His eyes on Mary so that She might be the only beacon of loyalty in Christ to allow people to recognize the presence of the Father in this Land.

«People of God! Sing again the praises to Mary so that Her Holiness may shine and be seen, loved and known by all the true children of God and by all people of goodwill. Mary wins. Mary Is. Mary».