Mary’s Assumption to Heaven 


Mary is the Woman! She is the pure, She is the spotless. She is the Woman of God, She is the One who unites and sanctifies: divine essence. Whoever recognises themselves in Her, will eternally live in Christ; whoever lives in Her, will eternally be in Christ; whoever loves Her Heart, will eternally live in that Heart.

Mary is the symbol and the living expression of God’s Love: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Mary is the One who has made of Her Life a gift to humanity. Mary is the One who has left Herself be shaped by God. Mary is the One who has lowered Herself so to be raised to the Glory of the Father.

Mary is the Assumed to Heaven; She is the One who assumes and summons Her children to make them enjoy the delights of God so to live Heaven right from now.

All those who love Mary, are in Mary and live for ever.

Those who live Mary are assumed to Her; those who laud Mary are in total communion with the Father; those who give themselves to Mary are holy, and only then they are able to fully live the Heavenly Father and can gain access to the depths of the Mystery of the One and Triune God that in the Heart of Mary Is: Mary Mother, Mary Daughter, Mary Bride. She who generates and has generated, in order to save humanity through Her Fruit. This humanity, brought back to the Way of Truth, will find the Life, the essential fruit of the Father’s Love.

Placing Mary in the centre of everything, we become Life, we can live the Life and will never lose It: Mary fulcrum, Mary balm, Mary.

This is the day of the Assumption of Mary to Heaven. This is the Day of the Assumption of the Children of Mary, because they have lived, are living and will live for Mary because they are in Christ, with Christ and for Christ.

Assumption. In the Assumption, there is no difference between Heaven and Earth anymore: one only thing, one only dimension in which people may live God. God is and lives in the union of His children. In the moment they fully live God, they are Assumed to His presence.

Here is the New Jerusalem: the Bride ready and adorned for Her Bridegroom (Rev. 21: 2).