A New Kingdom for all those who want to live God

God the Father is the One who IS. God the Father is the Beginning and the End, the One Who gave life to everything. And all things are subject to the Father. God, as a Good and Just Father, acts, lives and intervenes. The Father welcomes every holy action made to put into practice His Will; but not those actions contrary to His Thought. The Father leaves men free to act, because freedom is the gift granted by His Will. Whenever men’s freedom creates damage to His fatherly action, then God acts, intervenes and puts to an end.

God the Almighty Father is the One who IS, the One who proceeds in His Son and through the Holy Spirit arrives to the heart of all those who want to receive and live Him, to rise their Spirit. Idolatry, disobedience, individualism and rivalry are in the world. If we want to live God, we must countervail the world. We must live brotherhood rather than individualism; mutual help rather than rivalry; live loyalty rather than disobedience; total love rather than idolatry. It is written: «Love the Lord your God with all your might» (Dt 6: 4-5; Mt 22.37; Mk 12: 29-30). Our live, total and holy love and our loving obedience only to God. Woe to the man who raises another man above God! Woe to the man who puts himself above God! Woe to those who place humanity above spirituality! Woe to the man who creates inequalities between brothers! Woe to the man who puts his “self” in the first place in the detriment of his brothers! Woe!

In this Church, the Father will bring everything to completion. What began with the origin of His Thought, will be finalised in this Church, whether men believe it or not. The Holy Scriptures will be fulfilled and the most beautiful scripture is the New Jerusalem, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. «I saw a new Earth and new Skies» (Acts 21: 1). Here is the New Jerusalem. Here is what many have prophesied and that here, in this Land of Love, is fulfilled. What has been veiled, now is revealed in this Land of Love. In the White Island, where the Father preserves the purity of Faith, the key for removing each veil is kept, for understanding the Will of the Father, His being One and Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The history of salvation, hailed by the angels and contemplated by the Saints, is alive in this Land of Love. All those who live for human power, before the divine Omnipotence, will arrive to the New Jerusalem asking for help, others asking forgiveness, others asking for mercy. Human power is nothing in the face of God’s omnipotence. Boasting of economic and political power is nothing in the face of the Father’s Omnipotence. Whoever seems miserable at the eyes of the world, is holy for God. Whoever dares in the world, because he does not want to submit to all that is worldly, is holy to God’s eyes. If men had faith as much as a grain of sand they could move everything (Lk 17, 6). But, in the world, there is much less faith.

Here is the decay of this world. Here is the moral and spiritual decay. Here is the total decay of this humanity, which no longer promotes brotherhood, no longer promotes holiness and no longer promotes the One and Triune God! Only selfishness and moral, spiritual and human conflicts are promoted. Humanity promotes war, made by human weapons. The Father will act. Those who do not believe in God’s Son, will see the direct action of the Father fall upon humankind. The living intervention of God will be manifested starting from the Sky and will propagate in every people who do not believe in God, in every nation that has placed man at the centre, in every house that has placed human hegemony at the centre.

The Father’s omnipotence begins to purify the Earth and to fulfil what has been announced: a Kingdom of Peace and Love, for all those who want to live God, to believe in God the Almighty Father, who sent His Son as a martyr on this Earth because with His martyrdom He could redeem the sins of the world, so that humanity could repent and be redeemed and re-joined to the Father’s original Thought.