Rejoice, people of God: the Saviour is with you


The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is alive. God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is alive and dwells among His people, in His Church, so that the Spirit of the Father may circulate in the hearts of His children and make the true and holy Christianity shine ever more.

«Children of God! The spirit of Moses, the one who freed the people of God from the slavery of Egypt, is alive. The spirit of Elijah, the one who defended the true faith against the false priests, bearers of a false doctrine, is alive. The spirit of Christ, the One who saves and leads the holy people of God to eternal salvation, Is».

In this Land of Love, the Father’s Will is renewed, the Father’s Will is alive and instils His freedom and His paternity in the heart of every true Christian, so that the children of God may defend the true faith in front of everyone and everything and in front of all those who hold just the tradition, for the world.

«Children of God! Be all of you representatives of the Spirit that gives freedom, of the Holy Spirit that unites, of the Spirit that frees from sin and from the world that grips the hearts, of the Spirit that leads to the Saviour, to the One who is Life, to the One who has received the power to unite and disunite, to the One who has received the power to save for eternity or to condemn for eternity. Have the same attitude that Jesus Christ had» (Philippians 2:5).

«Children of God! Burn with the Flame of the Father, burn with His Love and His holy heat that, in this Land, the only Land of Love, will regenerate every heart willing to be purified, so to be able to let yourselves be transfigured in your bodies and your spirits, so that the Love of the Father and the Light of His Son, in the unbreakable bond with the Father, may transfigure and forge your hearts, and switch your minds off so that your spirits may be free, free, free from slavery».

The live Will of the Son wants to manifest His essence and His substance, so to save, to purify and to bless. Whoever believes in the Son will be saved; whoever does not believe in the Son, will be lost (Mk 16:16).

«Children of God! Be united around Christ, let yourselves be gathered by the Spirit of Christ, so to be able to manifest the only Body that saves, the only Body that teaches the true doctrine and the true divine Will».

«Children of God! Rejoice and sing: the Saviour is with you».