Sing, people of God: the Saviour is with you


In the Land of Love, the Saviour effuses His Light. In the Land of Love, the Saviour saves all those who want to be saved. The Spirit of the Saviour is close to the hearts that are friends of the White Island, where the purity of faith is preserved; and is close to the children of the New Jerusalem, the Castle of souls, the Center of the infinite Mercy of the Father. But at the same time the Spirit of the Saviour reaches other hearts, that are Christ’s enemies and children of another spirit, to make them feel the first judgment.

In history, before the time of the Holy Spirit, and before the arrival of the Son, before the time of the Son, the Father’s Spirit sent His prophets to align the people and to educate them to the only Law and to the only God, for He didn’t want His children to lose touch with the only Father. Even those were hard and difficult times. Times of slavery and idolatry.

The prophet Elijah unmasked those who placed their faith in idols and in not veridical things, wanting to make known a god that was not the true one. People did not know the Love, they did not know lightness and freedom; they only knew the law of obligation, that obliged them both morally and physically. Elijah, that son, broke those chains, putting to the sword those who professed a false law, not the Law of the Father that was in Abraham.

Moses had to fight against the pure idolatry, against the Pharaoh who made forget and wanted to completely forget the Law and the presence of God, putting himself at the head as though he was god and eternal. Those children, those who had remained faithful to the promise that the liberator would have come, were tested in their body, in their heart, in their mind. They were whipped and enslaved. And when their faith was almost gone, from that people the Father gave birth to the one that would have saved and led them to the promised Land, making the seed of the live Love of God reborn in their heart. And again, that son hit with a cane and won.

Elijah and Moses were the forerunners of the Son of God, who would have come to converge everyone in Christendom and make them know, from that time on, the tender part of God: not only justice, but even love, sweetness and holiness. That holiness that was lost and forgotten.

Here is the interlacement of the Spirit that is Judge, is Love, is Life. Now everything is recapitulated. Here is the action, the salvific mission that destroys hypocrisy and annihilates idolatry – that once again resides in the heart of those who have forgotten the purity of faith – to save those who through Mary’s intervention have known the Land of Love. And they will even more know this Land, thanks again to the Heart of Mary, Mother Church, faithful Handmaid, that will give her live and holy balm to accompany everyone to the eternal life. Unique Spirit. The beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega. Everything. So that the plan, the saving Project of the Father for this humanity may be fulfilled and triumph.

On one side, the defence of faith; on the other, the new exodus that leads the children to the true Christianity. To exit from a house, a church, that of Rome, which has lost her values, her essence, her splendour. And the Father, in His Farsightedness, in His Omniscience, had preserved an Angle of Earth that he wanted to call “New Jerusalem” so that faith in those few people could once again sprout‑up and gather all those who are yearning to return to the Truth, to know the Truth, from the east and from the west, from the south and the north, so that the true “God” could once again be the centre of the life of every child and every man and woman of good will.

«Foolish people are you who always seek to divide the action of the Holy Spirit, that in history Is, that in this time Is: one only Spirit, one only action that unites prophets and Son, Mother and Son, Father and Son. In the Son everything is recapitulated, in the Son everything Is. Every action in the Son Is. Conjunction of all things».

Sing, people of God: the Saviour is with you.