St. Joseph: the Guardian of the Universal Church

In St. Joseph, the paternity of the Father is alive. The Spirit of St. Joseph, the One chosen by God to preserve and protect the God Child from the snares of the world, is alive. The Spirit of Him who has been called to guard and defend Mary, the Universal Mother Church, is alive.

In this day of Love and Holiness, authentic Christians pray the Father, so that He may infuse the Spirit of St. Joseph into their hearts: the Spirit that instils total confidence and security; the Spirit of who is attentive and watchful, always ready and focused in order to fulfil every single holy order that comes from the Father; the Spirit of who is the perfect example of humility and loving obedience to God. St. Joseph is the saint of the loving obedience.

The thought of God is not always immediately comprehensible. But the faithful children of God, with humility and loving obedience, accept, espouse and put It into practice. This is the example that St. Joseph gives us, the perfect example of humility and loving obedience, the perfect example for all those who, in humility and loving obedience, are called to manifest and testify always their sense of belonging to God’s Will. This is what the Father asks of every child and every man and woman of good will.

St. Joseph was and has remained the divine example of the Love of the Father towards the Son of God. St. Joseph always had loving care for Jesus and Mary. His humility and His loving obedience, the passion by which He has done every thing, have allowed the Son of God to grow and teach the hearts to live the Father’s Love. That Son fed on the Love that this Holy Man had given, gave, incessantly, donating His paternal care, loving care, to Mary and the Divine Son. St. Joseph was the example of life for Jesus till the day when the Father called Him to Heaven.

The Guardian of God, the Guardian of the Family wanted by God, has enshrined and continues to enshrine the Dwelling of God among people. He has physically guarded what belonged to the Father with human justice and holiness. Although not understanding, in front of the manifestation of God, he went on without hesitation, continuing against everything and everyone, in order to defend God’s Treasury and accomplish the task God assigned Him. Now, as then, St. Joseph has never stopped His task: that of to watch over, to protect and defend the true Family, the true Universal Church, the true Christianity.

Today many families are destroyed by selfishness, by vanity, by the search of worldly pleasures. Why God’s children are no longer inspired by the Love of the Holy Family, by Its capability to remain united to give again hope and certainty of redemption for all the sins that Jesus took upon Himself on the cross, leaving them nailed there so that they could not cause any more harm to all humanity? The lack of faith in the Love of Christ, the disaffection with the sacrifice of Christ, the ignorance of the Love of God, the search for unnecessary religions that are not at all fruit of the Father’s Love, the apostasy of the church of Rome, have reduced humanity to slavery and have made men slave of sin again.

In these hard and difficult times, the children of God are called to defend, with holy astuteness, and to proclaim God’s Patrimony, that in the “Little Cradle of the Baby Jesus” is alive, so that the Spirit of the Father penetrates the hearts of God’s children, and fills them with the freshness of God. The freshness that makes hearts alive; the freshness that makes hearts permeable to the Love; the freshness of who does not live for the world but lives to fulfil the Will of the Father, the One Who sees everything, hears everything and that gives Himself totally, when His Will is welcomed, loved and guarded, in order to bear fruit in abundance.

The Father’s Love lives in this House. The Father’s Love lives in this Church, that will open the doors to let in all the nations and all those who are in search of the eternal Life.

The children of God, following the example of St. Joseph, must be the guardian of their own hearts. Today, on this Holy day, this Church extends Her appeal to all children of God and to all the men and women of good will that have Christ and Christianity at heart: «Be guardians of the Good News. Be guardians of the authentic Christianity, so that with your authenticity you may bring Light to many hearts, you may dissolve the mists that the world wants to raise to hide the right path. One is the Way that leads to the Heart of the Son, who widely opens His Heart to get to the Father’s Heart. One and Holy is the Way. And on the example of the One who gave His life taking care of the living Bread, go, with live courage and authentic holiness: persevere in Love, persevere in loving obedience, persevere to find favour with the Father». In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.