The Alleluia of the Children of God

The Son of God is the King and Judge of this humanity. And again, through the Father’s Will, the Spirit of the Son of God, descended from Heaven in this Land of Love, acts and manifests Himself to win.

God’s Spirit manifests the Queenship of this Church, Mother Church, Mother of all men and women of good will, that is opposed to the action of another house that is no longer holy, that is rotten, that falls and will ever more fall. And all those who are not animated by good will and approach her, will fall with her.

The Spirit of the Father will strike the Earth, so that it may bring down the moral and the spirit of many hearts that have perfidiously spoken and acted against the Father’s House. And again the Word of God’s Son will plough the ways of this world. And again He will cut and will render justice to the just people and mercy to those who will be found good, in their heart and in their spirit.

The Father’s House is alive, emanates Her perfume, effuses Her Light and brightens with Her holiness. The more there will be the splendour of the House of God’s Children, the more the darkness will prevail in the other house that as such was but now no longer is. The deniers of the Work of God, will be burnt by their own illusions and will be condemned by their own words. And their wicked deeds will come back against them and against their children. «And against thee, Babylon the great, the wrath of the Father, and the arm of the Son of God, furious, will come down upon many of thy houses. The bells will no longer sound because they will collapse along with the bell towers. And they will sound death. And the Father’s House will sound Life, the eternal Life».

From the concreteness of the words of the House of God, everyone will understand the Truth, and where the Truth dwells. The children of God and all those who are animated by good-will, will return to the Truth to attain forgiveness and to receive the healing of their soul and of their body.

By the means of the Holy Spirit, in the House of His children, the Father’s abundance is uninterrupted for all those who, animated by good‑will, ask, prostrate and invoke the live Mercy and the live Goodness of the Father, so that the Father may open His Heart and lavish His grace upon all of His children. The fruits of the Father’s House are alive: they are increasingly maturing and will mature in faith and in their Christian authenticity, which is characterised by the courage and the will, by the heart and the steadfastness, that each child will know how to dispose towards his brother so that the whole Church may make holiness shine, that can manifest itself only in being true Christians. There can be no other holiness except that which was given by the Son of God. These are the Saints. Those who are coated by the Light of Christ and His Christianity. By the Will of the Father, the Son has given, gives and will give all Himself, so that, from this House, His Holy Name may be put to the centre of the life of many hearts again, so to find the Master Way, and the name of the Father may be pronounced by all the world.

Here is the spontaneity of the House of God’s children, that call, with lightness and will, the Father to their help, to their rescue, so to love, to live and contemplate the Father. This is the live loyalty of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem which has always manifested and always will manifest Herself in Mary to be more and more antagonistic to another house that has outraged the Father’s name, who exploits the Son’s name and seeks to stop the action of the Holy Spirit. The two houses are opposed: one will win, the other will succumb under the iron sceptre blows that will strike the enemies of God, those who have betrayed the Father to worship an anti-Christic and anti‑Christian spirit. A house that, deprived of the Father’s Spirit, will no longer live the peace of God. And without peace, everything collapses and will collapse.

In the Father’s House, there is a feast for each child who converts; for every child who, although far away, returns to the right road; for every child who finds the paternity of the Father in this Land of Love; for each child who is consecrated to the service of the Church, of Her Pope and of the Father; and for the children who, in the holy love, are joined in the sacred spousal bond, promising before the Father to love each other in totality, wanting to live in their indissoluble union the reciprocal fidelity and the live loyalty to God.

Here is the feast of the Father with His children. Here is the real feast: to give themselves to the Father so that the Father in His infinite goodness may dwell in their hearts and leads them to proclaim His Word, in union with His Son, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Here is the alleluia of God’s children. Here is the vitality of God’s house. Here is the exultation of the holy people, of the little remnant of Israel, who keeps Faith in Christ alive and who, with this Faith, will arrive to convert all the people again.