In the beginning was the Word

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. Then the Light came down among men so that the Light could light their hearts and bring the live and total knowledge of God in every heart; so that through this Light, that is the Son of God, humanity might rediscover the total and perfect sonship: that sonship that would have brought the whole world to proclaim the Name of God.

Many have not recognized the Light remaining in the dark. The Light goes forth and proceeds. Some welcome It, others reject It, thus losing the true sonship in the One and Triune God.

The Light radiates again. The Light purifies hearts again. The Light effuses the Spirit of the Father again. And from the Land of Love chosen by the Father, the New Jerusalem, all that was in the original Thought of the Father, now restarts: to bring everyone back to the essence of Life, to the essence of Holiness and to the essence of the union between the Father and the Son, in order to understand, to live and to practice the true sonship so to contemplate God’s Face.

Many will arrive in the New Jerusalem, the Center of the Divine Mercy donated by the Father to humanity, and although devoid of any knowledge, here they will open their hearts in front of the Tabernacle. And again will start breathing a new life, giving new enthusiasm to their life, restoring colours to the life that for many has been lived in the dark.


Awareness is alive, knowledge is deep and Love is total, in the White Island, the Land where the Father will preserve the purity of faith. But, in this time, many strongly want to subvert the Father’s Law, the Law that God the Almighty Father has given to humanity to guide them on the right way. Many want to subvert the laws of God’s Love: that are a living, spousal and fraternal Love.

Many want to bring humanity to live a “love” emptied of the essence of the Son of God, therefore without concreteness, Holiness and spontaneity. This “love” becomes a fleeting, empty and sterile love that is only appearance not bearing fruit.

The indication of a house that is no longer the house of God’s children, is gathering humanity in appearance and into an empty friendship, where fertility of heart has turned into desertification; where there is no longer the essence of the Holy Spirit that unites but a live essence of a spirit that disunites hearts.

The morality and the spirituality of this humanity is increasingly slipping into the abyss, because the life of every man and every woman is lacking in charity and without the fundamental principles, everything vanishes, everything is lost and everything is seen as something that passes and leaves empty hearts. Thus wickedness increases, dissatisfaction rises. And haughtiness triumphs over man.

In the light of all this, the fundamental principles and virtues must be alive in God’s children to win against “self”, to win against those who tempt and against those who want to see the children of God fall. The virtues of Purity, Obedience and Humility are the cornerstones of the Christian faith, the fundamental pillars of every Christian.

This Church will make all this heard, lived and defended, so that Christian virtues may be engraved by fire in the heart of every child that recognises himself in this House, so that everyone may see, love and imitate these virtues. With the hope that the example of a life consecrated to the Lord may bring fruit in other hearts.

This is the resurgence of Christendom that starts from the Ark of the New Covenant, which is already sailing and will sail more and more, to ferry every heart to the Heart of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

And a voice will be heard: «Come to the House of the Lord. Come: worship the Spirit of the Lord. Come to the New Jerusalem, prepared for the Era of the Holy Spirit, so that every heart that come here may be purified and healed». The doors open and the feast of the children of God begins.