The breath of the Holy Spirit

In this Land of Love, the breath of the Holy Spirit is alive, constant, uninterrupted and regenerates all hearts, restoring in them the freshness as it was in the Father’s original Thought. 

Those who want to discover God’s Home, are to come to the White Island, where the purity of Faith is total.

Those who want to experience the gifts of the Highest, are to set foot in the Land of Love, where they will be permeated by the Heavenliness that pervades the hearts and bonds them in a warm embrace.

Those who want to live even just a moment of freedom, are to come to the Island of the Father’s Love, where their heart and soul will be restored. And in the moment a heart is opening, it can’t do without the living water of the Father’s Heart, that flows to restore life, that transmits the true Christianity and the belonging to the unique God, that is manifested in His Son who has descended from Heaven to regenerate the hearts and to unite them all together in the only holy people that contemplates God.

Here is the saving action that this Mother Church wants to give to all humanity, to redeem it from the tongs of the enemy of God. This Mother Church wants to redeem all the hearts that have been deprived of the most beautiful treasure: faith, true Faith in Christ the Lord, in His words, in His teachings that are Life.

At the basis of the everyday life of every man and woman of goodwill, there must be the true Love, that, in this Cradle of Love, is Person.

In this Land of Love, the Holy Spirit comes and blows to sanctify the hearts of all those who set foot in the Font full of the Father’s Spirit, asking for the graces that the Father has promised.

The abundance of the Father will be poured out to fill all the hearts that Here have been opened, and they will consequently fill others and others and others, because the abundance of the Father is inexhaustible.

This is the essence of the Father’s Love.