The Christian essence is Life

Christ’s Love is alive. The Love of Christ and His living closeness are strength and consolation for the holy people of God. The Holy Spirit guides the children of God that increasingly want to live Christ, Way, Truth and Life. The Spirit of Christ lives, scrutinizes and welcomes every heart of goodwill that invades and will invade the Holy Valley of God to seek the closeness of the Father.

The Holy Spirit Paraclete fills the hearts of His children with the infinite Love of the Father, by His closeness, to make hearts strong and holy. The Paraclete welcomes everything that brings benefit to the Work of God and to the holy people of God. The Christian resurgence has started and starts from the Holy Valley: the resurgence of all those who want to live the Thought of the Father as It was in origin; the resurgence of all those who, arriving in the New Jerusalem, meet the Father, live His spirituality and live true brotherhood in their heart.

New Jerusalem: Land of Brotherhood, Land of the Covenant, Centre of the Father’s Love.

All those who arrive Here, will receive all This. Each one will receive in proportion to the opening of their heart. The more the heart will be ready and willing to accept the Father’s Love, the more the Spirit of the Father gives Himself and will penetrate the hearts of His children and of the men and women of goodwill that are searching for the Truth.

The Valley surrounding the Holy Jerusalem will be modified in the essence, purified in the intimacy, because the discord will be burnt and eradicated, because the Father will restore the heart and the body of His children. Every soul will thus be able to totally experience the presence of God, One and Triune. The world will thus see and realize the culpabilities perpetrated against the children of God. The world will thus see the heavy and firm hand of God. The hand of God that strikes those who want to strike the children of God, so that never again abomination will be, and never again the cries of so many innocent people will pierce the Sky. Mendacity will be eradicated, and its action pulverized. And the original Thought of God, will be increasingly manifested in the completeness of Its totality.

«Lift your eyes to the Sky, children of God. Look at the Good and Just Father. Rely on His Will and practice the right way, so as to arrive to every heart, to win in every heart and to manifest the Christian essence, that will never bow down before the snares of the world».

Christian essence will never bow, drawing back. Christian essence Is and always will Be, because the Christian essence is life, is life, is the Life.