The communion of hearts of God’s children


In the live communion of hearts, which is continually renewed in the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, the Son of the living God, true Man and true God, gives His live prayer, His live closeness and His great and infinite Love to all His children and to all men and women of good will, so that their hearts may be filled with the divine Love, and in turn transmit this live Love to all those who, overwhelmed by the daily trials and the rampant apostasy, are no longer able to live the true and authentic Christianity.

On the example of God’s Son, the children of Christ are called to be balm for all those who suffer in their body and their soul, and to invite everyone to place deep and filial reliance on the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Faithful Bride, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Universal Mother.

As Brother, Friend and Master, the Son of God dispenses all His love in this Land of Love, gift of the infinite Mercy of the Father to His faithful children, so that each of them and every man and woman of goodwill may be touched by His hand that heals and sanctifies.

In the live communion of hearts, God’s children renew their loyalty to the Almighty Father, who in this Land of Love has brought His faithful children to be part of His live paternity that He has reserved for them, renewing, in Christ and Mary, His true sonship that is alive and manifested in His Covenant with the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem.

In the communion of hearts, the Spirit of Christ, true Man and true God, is alive. By the means of the Holy Spirit, Christ unites His Heart to those of His children, co‑participating with them to the manifestation of pureness and holiness, that Is in the children’s innocence and in the spousal love.

In the communion of hearts of God’s children and in their manifestation of pureness and holiness, this Mother Church more and more expresses Her candour and Her loyalty to Christ the Lord, the living Bread descended from Heaven to manifest Holiness in essence and substance. The live holiness must increasingly characterize every child of this Church, so that they can be recognized for their holiness as children of this Land, Mother Earth, New Jerusalem. Doing so, the children of this Church, hitherto discarded by the world, will be increasingly sought‑after for the mutual and universal love that each one of them will know how to give in true brotherhood.

More and more, in essence and substance, this Mother Land will transmit an authentic Christianity, as opposed to the reality of a world fallen prey of a vortex of confusion, of idolatry and apostasy.

«Children of this Mother Church! Testify the purity of your hearts. Manifest your pure faith. Penetrate the hearts with your Christian spontaneity. Trust in Mary, so that on Her holy example, everyone may transmit that pure and authentic Faith that has roots in Her obedient Heart of Daughter, of True Bride and of Universal Mother, so to manifest the Mystery of “the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, dressed like a Bride ready for Her Bridegroom” (Rev. 21:2); Christ the Lord, Christ, the King of kings, who is opposed to Babylon, the infidel woman, “the city which wears fine linen, purple clothes, bright red clothes, gold jewellery, gems, and pearls” (Rev. 18:16), which will fall under the blows of the Justice of the Father».